Stripper Shows The Reality Of Exotic Dancing On TikTok By Showing How She Only Made $8 Dollars In Five Hours

By Nicole Dominique
·  3 min read
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TikToker @cgetsnakey exposes the harsh reality of being a stripper. Her viral video has gained support from other exotic dancers who have experienced the same difficulties. Others thanked her for her honesty due to TikTok's tendency to present stripping as "glamorous."

@cgetsnakey, who goes by "Charm Daze," gained nearly three million views for her honest video on stripping. "Hello, I am a spicy dancer, I have been at work today for five hours," she says. "And I have made one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight dollars showing all of my nooks, crannies, and valleys. So, if you're planning on resorting to this job – anyone – please keep that in mind. You sometimes leave with negative money and a lot of emotional damage. I love my job, but every day is not glamorous."

Users in the comments applaud Charm Daze for showing the reality of stripping. "This!!! But of course these type of videos never go viral. And THAT is why so many new ppl think it’s easy," writes Isabel. "Yes! THIS! TRUTH! I'm sick of seeing people hype up SW [sex work] on here and claiming they make bank when really it's not always the case. preach girl," added Heina. 

Another commenter talked about "house fees" and how they sometimes cost more than what strippers make. "Ppl need to realize this!! Some days your house fees is more than you make," the anonymous user added. Strippers sometimes must pay the club or "house" a fee to work. These "tips" go to the DJ, hostesses, bouncers, and other employees. The fees can range anywhere from $10 to $200 a night, depending on the club. Despite this, TikTok's algorithm seems to push more of the "pros" of being a stripper compared to the "cons" that come with it. 

TikTok Seems To Push "Positive" Stripping Content over the "Cons"

TikTok has been over-glamourizing stripping for the past few years, misleading younger women into thinking that they're guaranteed to make large amounts of money. It even has its own genre on the platform known as "StripTok." One experienced exotic dancer, Brianne Agnizle, used the money she received to pay for her school. Agnizle noticed that TikTok strippers with large followings presented stripping in an unrealistic way, often showing large sums of cash rather than the dangers that come with dancing. "On StripTok – we call it StripTok – people are flashing their money and throwing it around, showing off what they do, and it’s become very popular,” Agnizle told Input.

Because of TikTok's age demographic, the viewers who are influenced into stripping are often very young and naive. “By default, they’re going to be younger people [new strippers],” she explains, “because you don’t start dancing in your late twenties or early thirties. It’s that, and then the fact that everybody using TikTok is younger.” 

Closing Thoughts

What these young viewers don't realize – since they're only being shown dollar bills – are strip clubs' tendencies to traffick women. Once again, social media is creating skewed perceptions of sex work, influencing the impressionable to take on jobs that may only hurt them in the long run.

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