Spice Girls Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of "Wannabe" By Releasing A New Song

By Paula Gallagher··  2 min read
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25 years ago, the Spice Girls released their debut single “Wannabe.” It became the seventh best-selling debut single of all time.

To celebrate the anniversary, the Spice Girls announced a new limited-edition EP and a social media campaign. The EP will feature a new song “Feed Your Love,” as well as the original “Wannabe,” the demo track for “Wannabe,” and (in case you can’t get enough) the Junior Vasquez remix edit of ”Wannabe.” You can stream the EP on July 9, or go old school with vinyl or cassette on July 23.

The Spice Girls are also inviting fans to share their memories and their dance moves with the hashtag, #IAmASpiceGirl. They wrote on Instagram, “We believe there is a Spice Girl in all of us, and we want you to join us on a trip down memory lane! We want to see you singing your heart out, showing off your best dance moves and hear how you've been inspired, influenced and excited by everything People Power.”

There are also rumors that the Spice Girls are working on a sequel to their 1997 hit movie Spice World. A film industry source told The Sun that “The girls have been talking about how to mark the film’s anniversary and are actively considering making a tongue-in-cheek sequel. They have approached a screenwriter who is considering working on the project and making tentative steps forward. It is still in the early stages but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously.”

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