Some Gen Zers Are Trading Their Smartphone In For A Flip Phone—And Documenting Their Experience Along The Way

A new trend on TikTok shows Gen Zers tossing away their smartphone in exchange for a flip phone, but only in certain circumstances.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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The last few years have been tough on everyone, including young adults who were isolated from all their friends for the better part of two years and unable to experience the world in a normal way during their college years. This has resulted in a steep rise in mental illness and even suicidal thoughts. Some Gen Zers are self-aware enough to realize that there are some things they can change in their life to improve their mental wellness and experience life more fully.

Some Gen Zers Are Trading Their Smartphone in For a Flip Phone—and Documenting Their Experience Along the Way

TikToker @skzzolno posted a video a week ago explaining why she and her friends don't use their smartphone when they go out in order to avoid drama, bad decisions, and drunk texts or calls. The TikTok garnered more than 11.5 million views and sparked a trend that has Gen Zers following suit and giving up their smartphone in order to embrace the simplicity of the flip phone.

@skzzolno explains that so many problems she and her friends experience in their social life comes from using their smartphone. That's where they get into arguments on social media, gossip, and stalk toxic exes. So why not set it to the side so you can experience what's actually in front of you at the moment? She has posted a series of videos about her flip phone and the influence it has had to encourage others to abandon their smartphone as well.

In various comments and videos, @skzzolno has explained that she didn't completely throw away her smartphone. She still has it as well as a classic flip phone, and she says she only leaves her smartphone at home for certain occasions, like going out at night, a special occasion, etc. In a follow-up TikTok, she says her flip phone use has inspired 2 million other college students to do the same. There's no way to verify whether that number is true, but it's certainly believable to say there is a popular nostalgic trend of Gen Zers reverting back to old-school devices, resulting in a revived if short-lived obsession with a flip phone that most millennials were more than familiar with in their youth. It may be a fleeting interest, but at least some Gen Zers are starting to scratch at the surface of how dangerous and harmful the overuse of social media and technology can be.