6 Outfits To Start The New Year In Style

By Holly Glasser··  3 min read
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With every New Year comes fresh new mindsets and goals, so I decided that January 1 this time around was the perfect time to challenge myself with a new fashion goal: Look fabulous every day.

This may be easy for some, but for those of you like me who enjoy looking "frumpalicious" from time to time, I was definitely challenged. In the previous years, I often found myself gallivanting through town in workout leggings and a sweat shirt, sometimes looking nothing less than hobo-chic. Not to mention, those lazy days at home looking rather "disheveled."

The Art of Affordable Fashion

I thought, “Hey, as an editor myself, I really owe it to myself to look more put-together consistently, but to do so, I really need to step up my game." The only problem -  I needed some strategy to make my budget stretch to accomplish this lofty feat. Can anyone relate? The idea of having to look put-together every day was daunting to say the least. To both my imagination and my pocket.

So I turned to some of my favorite fashion bloggers who have mastered the art of affordable fashion already, and I began to peep their closets for some ideas that wouldn't break the bank. The findings were delightfully surprising, and I was soon feeling very optimistic about reaching my goal for the new year. Thanks to the following fashionistas, who have already carved out the budget and pieces in their wardrobe to look fashion-ready every day, I think I can refresh my wardrobe on a dime in no time!

I turned to some of my favorite fashion bloggers who have mastered the art of affordable fashion already.

Tessa Alana Port of Honest Darling Fashion Blog looks fabulous from head-to-toe on the daily. She usually adds an investment piece to each look, such as a designer bag for $1,000 or designer shoe for $500, but her staples will make you look incredible without breaking your bank account.


Photo by Tina Chiou of @ohwowtina (Instagram).

Here is another cute and affordable look from Tessa:


Photo by Tina Chiou of @ohwowtina (Instagram).

Roxana Moldovan of @roxannaroxi Fashion Blog shares two gorgeous outfits with us on a budget:

IMG 7672 2

Photo by Chelsey Ray of @chelseyrayphoto (Instagram).

  • Sunglasses- Target - $15

  • Pants- Zara (Find a similar pair at H&M) - $49

  • Coat - Vintage Store - $56 (Denis Basso Coat) (Find a similar coat at H&M for $32.99

  • Bag- Michael Kors - $188 (Linked is a similar bag)

  • Shoes- DSW - $39

IMG 7670 2

Photo by Chelsey Ray of @chelseyrayphoto (Instagram).

Rachelle Yadegar, Fashion Blogger at @rachelleyadegar and owner of Raju Official shares two outfits with us, also:

IMG 7681

Photo by @stefaniemphoto (Instagram)

IMG 7683

Photo by @stefaniemphoto (Instagram)

*Updated 6/11/2020

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