Self-Proclaimed "Transcanine" Woman Banned From OnlyFans After Claiming She Has Sex With Dogs

By Gina Florio
·  4 min read

The internet becomes more depraved by the second. A woman on Twitter who claims she is "transcanine" has been banned from OnlyFans after claiming that she has sex regularly with dogs.

The rise of OnlyFans has resulted in an unprecedented number of women who engage in sex work online, claiming the autonomy to run their own pornographic account makes them empowered and free. Reportedly, 65% of young adult men watch porn at least once a week, while many of the men in that category watch it much more often. This percentage is expected to keep climbing as people are being exposed to sexually explicit material at younger ages every day. As sex work becomes more common and people are attempting to normalize it, the content available on sites like OnlyFans become more depraved. The latest development is a woman claiming to be "transcanine." She has been banned from the platform because of her explicit content about allegedly having sex with animals.

Self-Proclaimed "Transcanine" Woman Banned from OnlyFans after Claiming She Has Sex with Dogs

Just when you think the internet can't get any worse, it finds a way to top itself. A twitter user @AKnottyPrincess, who has more than 184,000 followers, has been tweeting about her alleged sexual encounters with animals. Much of the content is sexually explicit and degenerate in nature. At first, many people thought she was just trolling, like many other parody accounts are known to do, but it became clear after a while that she was in fact serious. She spoke multiple times about having intercourse with dogs and treating them better than people who are "literally out here trophy hunting animals."

In other tweets she calls herself the "first TransCanine" and asks for people to treat her with respect because this is her identity. Eventually, her OnlyFans page was reported enough times that she was banned from the platform.

"Please just remember . I lost my job because of you guys. And now you guys got me removed off onlyfans. Just let me have this one thing. I want to have a nice life. Sharing my links with negativity harms me. Just remember, I’m a human too. I have feelings," she tweeted on January 7.

Many people online are pointing out how disturbed this woman is, but just as disturbing is the fact that she has so many followers and people publicly support her and ask to see more content. It's easy to write this off as just another mentally ill person who is attempting to post content that has shock value to get more likes, followers, and attention. But there is something happening here that is worth discussing.

The transgender movement has convinced people that gender has nothing to do with someone's genitals or chromosomes. This claim would have been considered insane and unbelievable just 5-10 years ago, and now it is accepted in mainstream society and promoted by politicians, celebrities, and the entirety of Hollywood. If you can convince people that a person can magically change his or her gender, you can convince people of anything. Sadly, we have already seen this delve into the claim that people can be transage, meaning people can identify as a different age than their "chrono age." This sounds deeply disturbing to most people today, conjuring up images of middle-aged men attending middle school because they "identify" as a 13-year-old. But what's stopping our society from widely accepting a transage claim if we have already accepted the transgender claim?

"Transcanine" is being claimed by @AKnottyPrincess, and just like transage, it sounds crazy. But when a society claims that tolerance is the most important characteristic in our culture, we will end up tolerating anything. Content creator @bodittle regularly attends LGBT marches and events, interviewing various people who support the transgender movement, and one of his videos went viral that featured a drag queen being supportive of bestiality.

The drag queen claimed that children of any age, even as young as 10, can have gender reassignment surgery because "it's their decision," regardless of the legal age of consent.

"Should the LGBT become inclusive of bestiality?" Bo asked as a follow up.

"It is what it is," he responds nonchalantly. "If people want to do that, let them do it. Who are you to say what they can do?"

"We started 'tolerating' everything.... now it's all tolerated," someone commented on the video.

While the "transcanine" woman may seem deranged to most people on the internet, we have to acknowledge that our culture's obsession with "tolerance" has gotten us to the point where these types of claims must be accepted. When we tolerate and accept everything, we stand for nothing—and society is forced to accept even the most insane claims.