Scrunchies, Headbands, And Scarves, Oh My! The Cutest Hairstyle Trends For Fall

By Nicole Andre
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Scrunchies, Headbands, And Scarves, Oh My
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2020 has been a rough year, but that’s no reason why you can’t bring a little bit of joy into your life this fall by having a little bit of fun with your hair (something people will actually see on Zoom).

Keep reading for all the hairstyles and accessories that might be just the change you need this fall!

The Headband

I had to start off with my own personal favorite hair accessory: the headband. And this obsession is probably a product of watching a little too much Gossip Girl, but here’s the thing — nobody did fall and winter looks quite like the great Blair Waldorf. Queen B knew how to accessorize. So while you might not be ruling the steps of the Met, a headband might just be the crown, if you will, to give you the confidence and the motivation to take on the day you have ahead. Spoiler alert: You’ll look good doing it.

You can find headbands at a lot of different price points from Claire’s to my personal favorite, Jennifer Behr. Depending on how much to have to spend, if you make smart purchases, a headband can be an investment piece that works with a lot of your wardrobe. If there ever was a style philosophy to be followed, it's quality over quantity. 

Headbands work year-round, but to give them a bit of a seasonal twist, pick darker or warm colors that have a more fall palette that will go with your wardrobe. To up the ante, choose something with a velvet finish that will give the feel of chillier days and nights. Put it on, and your outfit for the day is instantly elevated. Pretty cool, right?

Big Fishtail Braid

There’s just something about a fishtail braid that makes it perfect for fall and winter. Braids all around are just a great way to spice up your rotation of hairstyles, but the fishtail braid is really best left to fall and winter. When it’s hot out it might seem like a good idea, but I find this braid tends to frizz up in the heat, so you’re better off wearing it on a cooler day. 

When you really get the hang of it, you can try it as a dutch fishtail braid. You’ll start higher up on the head and add in more hair to each side as you go. The trick is to not add too much hair in at once or it starts to look like a regular three-strand braid. Sounds complicated? Watching it might help — here’s how Amber Fillerup does hers.

The Fiddler Cap

Admittedly, this one might take a little bit of confidence to pull off just because it feels so trendy. But here’s the thing — it’s also really chic and wearable. A few years ago you were seeing these everywhere; 2020 might be a good year to bring them back. These hats definitely aren’t as common as the fall beanie, but they’re so cute! 

Don’t know how to wear one? Take a page out of Rachel Parcell’s book and style it with a sweater and some rain boots. I mean, doesn’t it look great against those fall leaves? Once you get comfortable with it, it feels like one of those things you can just throw on over a low ponytail to give any basic fall outfit some added flair. Brixton makes one in that same reddish color Rachel is wearing, but you could wear a white version if that’s more your style.

Bubble Pigtails

I had to do this one next because Amber was showing how these two fall hairstyle trends could work perfectly together to be oh-so-chic. The bubble ponytail is actually really easy to do. You’ll only need some clear elastics (or hair ties that match your hair color really well if you don’t have the elastics). The pigtail version is a really fun way to do it, but if you’re worried about not being able to pull that off, you can just as easily do a bubble pon with just one ponytail. Either way, it’s a fun and affordable way to try out something new this fall!

A Braided Crown

This hairstyle Abby Smith of Twist Me Pretty is showing is just absolute perfection. The photo is just breathtaking. I feel like with the light, braided crown hairstyle, and her sweater, you can just feel the fall chill in the air, a.k.a. it’s perfect for the upcoming season. 

Take a deep breath because, yes, I know it looks hard. But here’s the thing — it’s just two dutch braids and some bobby pins. If you’ve never done dutch braids before, Abby actually has a really in-depth tutorial to teach you exactly how to get the basics down. Next step, watch the tutorial for this exact look, put on that sweater, and maybe take a photo for Instagram? You’ve earned it.

A Beret To Help You Feel a Little French

Okay, so in a lot of ways, this one falls along the lines of the fiddler cap. It might take a little bit to get used to and gain some confidence with it, but once you do, it’s going to be the perfect accessory. Throw it on with fall sweaters and scarves, and you’re golden. If you’re wondering if you could really make it useful, check out Hailey Devine’s fall capsule wardrobe list. Hint: If it made it into her capsule wardrobe, you can bet that it’s super wearable this time of year.

The Perfect Pony

When’s the last time you brought out the curling iron? Don’t worry if quarantine and lockdowns mean it’s been a while, I totally get it. But that might mean that the perfect start to fall might be to bring it out, even if it’s just to curl the pieces of your ponytail, which is much faster by the way. So bring out the hairbrush, your curling iron or wand, and a little bit of hairspray, and this neat high ponytail is sure to have you feeling more put together and ready for the season to come.

Add a Scrunchie

Want to dress that pony up a bit? Try adding a scrunchie from an autumnal color palette. This is one of the easiest and most affordable fall hairstyle trends to try out. You can get different colors that go with your outfits to create some variety, and you’re golden. My personal favorite scrunchies are from Shop Flourish. Accessories are the name of the game when it comes to changing your look without going shopping for new clothes. Scrunchies are a great place to start this fall!

Add a Bow

Something about putting on a bow in the fall months is just the extra-feminine, special touch to give what I’ve been doing with my hair a little refresh once September rolls around. Satin or velvet is the perfect finish to make it extra seasonal. You can wear it as a barrette for a more done-up look, or even go for a scrunchie that has a bow attached for a more casual look. Both are great options!

A Chic Topknot

I feel like the perfect, chic bun is something that a lot of women struggle to get right. That perfect in-between that makes it look undone, but somehow just so perfect — not an easy feat.  But I think Rachel Parcell is nailing it here. Try starting off with a middle part instead of brushing all your hair back. Go ahead and tie your hair in a pony first so it doesn’t start to flop around on your head within 20 minutes. Next step, just go for it. Another hair tie and some bobby pins should help you get the shape you want. To dress it up, add some hoop earrings and an easy dress. 

Add a Hair Scarf

Last but not least, we have the hair scarf. The power of this accessory is all of the different ways you can wear it. You can tie it around a ponytail, braid it into your hair, create a headband, wear it like a traditional headscarf à la Jackie Kennedy, or even wear it as a neckerchief to add some flair to your outfit. And hey, if you’re having a bad hair day, or just feel like you need to hide from the world, try this Blair Waldorf move with the added big sunglasses.

Similar to the scrunchie, choose them in colors that go with a fall color palette, and they’ll be sure to go with all of your outfits. It’s a really easy way to look more put together in an instant. 

Closing Thoughts

There are so many ways for you to mix it up with your hair and have some fun getting into the spirit of fall with how you dress, even though 2020 is set up to be a very different year. So bake some cookies, wear a cute sweater, maybe get out of the sweatpants, and these hairstyles are sure to brighten up your days. Never underestimate the power of a good hair day!

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