Sadie Robertson Huff "Had An Insecure Thought" At The Beach And Wrote A Message To Her Daughter About Confidence

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Sadie Robertson Huff rose to fame on the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty." She has one daughter and is married to Christian Huff. She recently penned a letter to her daughter about insecurities that all women have at some point in their life.

Sadie went on vacation with her family and shared some photos and videos of their trip. She wrote an Instagram caption about dealing with insecurity as a woman.

Sadie Huff Pens a Letter to Her Daughter about Insecurity

Sadie gushed about how "perfect" her daughter is and how "being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do." She wrote about how she "had an insecure thought" at the beach and it made her think about her daughter growing up.

"That thought led me to the sad reality that one day Honey James will have an insecure thought and it broke my heart," she said. "Like it really did break my heart. It actually did shock me, because she’s not every other girl she’s my girl."

"People always say that when you have your own child it opens up your eyes to seeing how God loves you in a new way," she continued. "That has been true for the past 399 days and today this was the way I got to be reminded of how God sees me. As His girl."

She wants to tell her daughter, "Honey you were made perfectly. Never look to the left or the right look to Jesus the author and perfecter of your faith." Sadie wants to send this same message to women around the world.

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