"RIP Brooke": Woman Angers The Internet For Marrying Her Husband Shortly After His Wife Died During Childbirth—The Shelby.Sevierr TikTok Drama Explained

By Nicole Dominique
·  6 min read
Shelby Sevier

A woman on TikTok (@Shelby.Sevierr) uploaded a "tribute" to her husband's first wife, Brooke, who died during childbirth. The video has caused an uproar on the platform – here's why.

Maybe you've heard of the @shelby.sevierr drama on TikTok. But if you're out-of-the-loop on this latest social media discourse, allow us to fill you in. Recently, a woman named Shelby (@Shelby.Sevierr) took to TikTok to post a "tribute" to her husband's first wife – Brooke Sevier – who died in 2016 while giving birth to her daughter, Savannah. Shelby created a slideshow to tell her story of how she became Savannah's new mom.

"That is my daughter in that cute belly, but this isn't me," she wrote on a picture of Brooke while she was pregnant with Savannah. The next slide is an image of Brooke and her husband, Steve. "This is Brooke, she is our daughter's mother," it said. 

The third photo showed Steve lifting Savannah up in the air. "This is our daughter, Savannah," Shelby explained, "She's absolutely perfect." The TikToker even added a slide of her meeting Savannah for the first time, and many are speculating that she was only about 6 weeks old in that image. The rest of the video included pictures of Shelby's wedding with Steve, Savannah, and her two sons that she gave birth to in 2020 and 2021. 

After Shelby's video went viral, many users were left incredibly upset and distraught, prompting several videos to be made under the hashtag "#ripbrooke." There are multiple reasons why TikTokers were outraged by Shelby's video, so let's go over them.

Steve Didn't Even Let "Grass Grow" on Brooke's Grave before Moving On

Many were put off by the fact that Steve was able to move on so quickly from Brooke's death, and viewers were not a fan of how Shelby claimed Savannah as her own. "the way i'd claw myself out of my grave if my husband ever had another woman calling my daughter their own 6 weeks after i died in childbirth... conjuring 4?" uploaded one user, @miafaithe, on TikTok. Her video – which is obviously a reference to the @shelby.sevierr drama – currently has over 420,000 likes on the platform. 

"Brooke looked like she was so deeply in love with him in every picture with him & she literally died for their daughter & he was over her in 6 weeks," said one comment in agreement. 

People Didn't Like How Shelby Talked about Brooke 

Besides the fact that Steve did move on rather quickly, people were not pleased at all with how Shelby referred to Brooke. Many of the audience members felt like Shelby disrespected her by making Brooke sound like her “surrogate.” "It was the 'this is my daughter in her stomach' for me," said @dammitdes in the comment section. 

"All us women coming in for Brooke after Shelby called her baby hers like Brooke was just the surrogate," said @bailey.frey as she walked toward the camera. "As someone who could have died during childbirth... how dare you." 

Steve and Shelby Met at a Baby Shower

A lady who goes by @ilovejuudy said Shelby’s video really bothered her, so she decided to conduct her own investigation. When Shelby’s video was still up, @ilovejuudy commented, "i'm not judging you just your husband. he didn't even let grass grow on her grave before moving on. 4 years like it never happened? i couldn't." 

Shelby ended up ignoring this, so @ilovejuudy decided to use a different profile and changed her tone. She commented again, this time saying, "The love and respect you have for her [Brooke] is beautiful. How did you and Steve meet? :)" 

Surprisingly, Shelby responded and said, "My best friend is his best friend's little sister, we met at a baby shower for him and his wife! :)" It's important to note that Shelby clarified this response later on, stating that it was actually a friend's baby shower – not Brooke's.

Steve and Shelby Reportedly Have a 12-Year Age Gap 

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Shelby apparently met Steve (who was said to be 30 or 31 at the time) when she was only 19 years old, fueling concerns about "grooming."

"everyone's coming for brooke but let's come for steve," wrote a TikToker who's garnered nearly 160,000 likes. "his wife dies in labor and a month later he manipulated a NINETEEN year old into becoming a 'replacement parent' for his 6 week old daughter. that girl is being groomed. everyone is coming for her and she WAS GROOMED. thirty year old man and nineteen year old girl?"

Shelby Tells Her Audience How She and Steve Met

Shelby, who was met with an overwhelming amount of criticism, shared how she and Steve actually met. In a deleted clip, the young mom revealed she and Steve first connected through mutual friends at a baby shower 6 weeks after Brooke passed away. This is where she first asked Steve if she could hold Savannah, in case he wanted "to mingle at the party.” About a month and a half later, Steve added Shelby on Facebook and asked her to babysit his daughter. She agreed and did this for a few months until Steve invited her for dinner, where one thing apparently led to another. A year later, they gave birth to their first child.

Shelby disclosed how they moved to Colorado from California and relocated to Mesa, Arizona. Sadly, this likely means that Brooke's family doesn't get to see Savannah often.

The mom of three's summary only fueled more theories about her and Steve's relationship. "I feel like this was a case of an older man panicking he was left with a newborn and no wife," said one comment, "and he found someone willing to fill that role."

Closing Thoughts

Is it possible people are taking this too far? It's true that people grieve differently, and it almost seems like Steve didn't give himself time to mourn Brooke's death at all. For a lot of people, getting over a loved one's death can take years, so it makes sense why viewers were so heartbroken over Shelby's video. But I'm not really concerned about the couple – they seem pretty happy.

Instead, I'm left wondering about Brooke's parents. Do they ever get to see Savannah? Or did they lose both their daughter and granddaughter?

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