Reality TV Star Josh Duggar Is Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison For Possession Of "Depraved" Child Pornography That Contained "Sadistic And Masochistic Abuse"

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The TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting" followed the Duggar family and their 19 children. It aired in 2008 and ended in 2015. Josh is the eldest son out of the whole bunch, and he is reportedly going to prison for a long time.

The Duggars are a Christian family who (obviously) believe in creating large families as a way to honor God. Unfortunately, the family has suffered serious scandal over the last several years due to Josh Duggar's deviant behavior, to put it lightly. Last December, Josh Duggar was on trial in Fayetteville, Arkansas for possessing horrifying abusive material of children that included both rape and physical abuse. He has been sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.

Josh Duggar Is Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Possession of Child Pornography

In November 2019, federal officials raided Duggar's office in Arkansas and seized all of his electronics. They found a plethora of "sadistic and masochistic abuse" material on his computer even though he tried to cover his tracks. At one point, authorities even called him a "very savvy computer user."

There were more than 600 images and videos found. Some of them included footage of a young girl being raped, tortured, and held captive in a dog cage. Other videos featured the rape and torture of a toddler. Assistant U.S. Attorney Dustin Roberts said it was some of the most horrendous footage he has ever been forced to watch in his career.

“Distressingly, the market for child pornography has continued to grow, and to become more depraved, in recent years,” Roberts wrote in a sentencing memo. “That depravity is evident here. As noted above, Duggar sought out images and videos depicting prepubescent minors being subjected to sadistic and masochistic abuse."

He wrote that some of the videos depicted minors being "subjected to extreme acts of violence, including being whipped and posing nude with what appears to be simulated blood and a knife."

Prosecutors brought up Duggar's past accusations of molestation of five young girls four of them were his younger sisters. This happened around 2002, and he abused his sisters while they were sleeping.

Duggar's wife and his mother pleaded with the judge to allow him to be reunited with his family, and his attorney tried to convince the judge that he "continues to have so much good to offer the world." He has six children with his wife Anna Duggar. Duggar's legal team even tried to paint him in a sympathetic light, saying he faced “unique challenges associated with being in the public spotlight since childhood."

Although prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Duggar to 20 years in prison, he was given 12.5 years in the end. That still doesn't seem like enough to match the heinous, depraved crimes this sick man committed throughout his adulthood.

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