Quench Your Thirst For New Makeup With This Coca-Cola X Morphe Collection

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CC X Morphe Collection

Morphe recently partnered with Coca-Cola to launch a refreshing limited-edition makeup line called the Thirst For Life Collection. You can satisfy your thirst for new, fun, and bold makeup with eye-popping palettes, shimmering lip gloss, and more.

Here are all the details!

Morphe into Bold Makeup

Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, Morphe was created for creators, artists, influencers, and dreamers. Although Morphe started out making makeup brushes, they are now best known for their gorgeous and vibrant eyeshadow palettes. Morphe encourages its customers, whom they refer to as “Morphe Babes,” to be creative and bold, push boundaries, and show the world their true, vivid, exploding colors. At Morphe, there are no stereotypes and no rules. Best of all, their products are high quality and incredibly affordable. 

Why Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola is a well-known, worldwide brand that gives people feelings of happiness, fun, and even nostalgia. This is the first time The Coca-Cola Company has collaborated with a high-end cosmetics company, and it’s also Morphe’s biggest collaboration to date. All of the makeup and accessories in the Thirst For Life Collection, which launched June 18, 2020, are dripping in classic Coca-Cola red, and many of the makeup names are Coca-Cola inspired. For example, a few of the names of their eyeshadow shades are “Fizz,” “Bubble Up,” and of course, “The Real Thing.” Classic!

Off You Glow

One of the items in the Thirst For Life Collection is a gorgeous, glowing highlighter for the face and body called Glowing Places. It comes in three shades: “Bubble Babe” (soft gold), “Pop It” (neutral champagne), and “Serve Sparkling” (iridescent golden bronze). It costs $15, and according to the reviews, it’s absolutely amazing. Eliza, a Morphe customer, said that she will use her new Glowing Places loose highlighter to “blend in with my blush color and give it that extra pop.”

Eye-Popping Colors

My personal favorite in the Thirst For Life Collection is Morphe’s new Thirst For Life Artistry Palette, which contains 18 beautiful shades. From ice-cold blues to iconic Coca-Cola reds, this $22 palette definitely gives off a let-the-good-times-roll vibe. A combination of both shimmer and matte, these shades will not disappoint, especially the gorgeous reds. As Morphe customer, Sophia, puts it, “It’s so hard to find vibrant reds. This is everything I’ve been looking for.”

Refreshing Lips

Morphe’s Lip In The Moment Lip Collection consists of four colors: “Classic Babe” (Coke-red), “Tastemaker” (shimmering caramel), “Overflow” (clear with gold shimmer), and “Share” (nude pink). This lip collection costs $19, and the lip glosses are described as super-shiny and never sticky. Morphe customer Veronica said that she loves the colors so much because they're “very easy to pair with any makeup look.”

The Right Tools

In addition to makeup, Morphe has also teamed up with Coca-Cola to create fun makeup brushes, each with custom, Coca-Cola iconic-red handles. The Sweep It Real Brush Collection costs $29, although it’s actually a $56 value. The set consists of seven different brushes that will help bring your makeup to life and make it pop: “Glowing Places” Highlighter Brush, “High Life” Brush, “Made In The Shade” Brush, “Top Secret Camouflage” Brush, “Take Charge” Blending Brush, “Next Move” Transition Brush, and  “Awe In” Smudge Brush. All of these synthetic brushes come with a fun “Sweep It Real” bag with the iconic Coca-Cola logo.

Morphe has also created a Quench Pack Beauty Sponge Collection for $15 (a $24 value). The collection comes with four types of sponges in red and black: Highlighter & Contour Beauty Sponge, Mini Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge, Flawless Beauty Sponge, and a Mini Flawless Beauty Sponge. Whether you’re going for full glam or need to get ready in a hurry, these sponges have you covered.

morphe beauty sponges

Closing Thoughts

The Thirst For Life Collection will definitely draw attention since the Coca-Cola inspired makeup is popping with vibrant and refreshing bold colors. What I love about Morphe is that there’s something for everyone, and the company encourages its customers to be free to express themselves however they choose. Not only does Morphe make professional, high-end makeup, but they also make it affordable, with every item in the Thirst For Life Collection costing less than $30.

Unfortunately, like all high-end, limited-edition makeup collections, these items are going fast! If you can’t get it on Morphe, check out Ulta Beauty. If you’re really desperate and simply must have the collection, you can always try eBay, but be prepared to pay well over market value.

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