Pink Sauce Is The TikTok Trend People Can't Stop Talking About—But What Is It Exactly?

There are all sorts of trends on TikTok that come and go. Some of them garner millions of views while others aren't as popular. But there's one trend in particular that doesn't seem to be going away: pink sauce.

By Gina Florio2 min read
pink sauce

Even if you're not on TikTok, you've probably heard of pink sauce and maybe even seen a picture of what it looks like. If you've mistaken it for Pepto-Bismol, you're certainly not the only one. Pink sauce is a condiment that has gone absolutely viral on the hottest social media platform, and if you're confused as to what it is, here's a rundown on this bright pink condiment.

What Is Pink Sauce?

There's one chef in particular who is responsible for the creation of pink sauce, and she goes by @chef.pii on TikTok (her name is listed on the site as "PINK SAUCE QUEEN"). Carly Pii is a private chef in Miami who debuted this strange sauce by pouring it on top of fried chicken, tacos, and various other dishes. At first, many people thought it was a joke, but the more and more she posted videos of the sauce, the more people started to take it seriously.

It became such a sensation that you can now buy a bottle of pink sauce, and there's a website called The feature photo of the sauce shows ingredients such as chili, honey, dragon fruit, garlic, and sunflower seed oil. The ingredient list also includes lemon juice, milk, pitaya, and dried spices.

Chef Pii became passionate about pink sauce and committed herself to creating a product that everyone could enjoy. However, she met some backlash about the condiment and did her best to respond to it.

Why Is There Backlash about Pink Sauce?

Many social media influencers have risen to such a level of popularity that they're able to create products and sell them to their audience, making a huge profit. Chef Pii never intended for her pink sauce to blow up to this level of popularity, but it just kind of happened to her. She didn't want to become yet another influencer who was selling products that weren't thought through or even dangerous to the people who consumed them. When she first started posting about pink sauce, she had less than 1,000 followers on TikTok. Now she has more than 83,000.

“This turned into a product overnight, but I wasn’t able to verbalize my plan for it like a regular individual. I’m not an influencer,” she told BuzzFeed. “Before this, TikTok didn’t know me from anyone else.”

However, people started criticizing her because there were some issues with the nutritional label. Apparently, the math didn't add up on the label and people were identifying misspellings and incorrect math. Additionally, people pointed out that the product wasn't sent on dry ice to keep it cool, and this raised concerns due to the summer heat most of the country is dealing with, especially considering the fact that there were no preservatives listed in the ingredients.

Chef Pii responded on TikTok, "WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES." She apologized for the mishaps on the nutritional label and said, "I am only human. I am not perfect." She also points out that she is doing her best to abide by FDA regulations, yet reminded everyone that they're a "small business that is moving really fast."

Chef Pii insists that she's listening to people's feedback, and she fully intends to respond with her best ability. Whether people love or hate pink sauce, it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.