New Year’s Eve Outfits Prettier Than The Ball In Times Square

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NYE-2020 style

New Year’s Eve is the night of the year for that party dress you keep tucked at the back of your closet every other night of the year. Whether you’re going to a big party, a small one, or just watching the ball drop on TV, it’s a night to embrace the sparkle.

I have a weakness for all things sparkly and glamorous. And New Year’s Eve is a night you can get away with it like no other! Spirits are high, you’ve written your resolutions, and what better way to go into the New Year than with a rockin’ outfit. See what I did there?

So without further ado, here are all the glitzy, glamorous dresses to give you the outfit inspiration you need for your countdown.

Sparkle While Staying Warm

Don’t know how to wear that New Year’s Eve dress without freezing the whole night? I have some tips for staying warm in dresses and skirts. A camel coat is one great way to stay warm. Throw it over your shoulders for French girl vibes.

Winter White

Go out of the box on New Year’s and go for a white dress instead of all the sparkles. The white dress with a white coat is such a classy choice. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

Ring in the New Year in Rose Gold

Rose gold may be trendy, but this is one trend I’d like to see stick around. It’s flattering for most skin tones and breaks away from the usual black that you’ll see everyone else wearing. And of course, you’ll be channeling Blake Lively’s red carpet style, which is always a plus. 

For When You’re Watching the Ball Drop on TV This Year

Bougie loungewear is so 2020. Bring the fancy pajamas with you into the New Year. They’ll make staying home on New Year’s feel more special. You might find you love them so much that they become part of your regular pajama rotation.

Countdown Worthy Loungewear

Feathers not your thing? How about a velour jogger set? So fun and might even get you pumped up to do some fast walking (or any sort of exercise) to work off those pounds you resolved to lose after all the holiday eating. I’m with you, girl, trust me!

Match the Times Square Ball

Isn’t this what you think of when you think of a New Year’s Eve dress? It’s festive, a pretty classic choice for the evening, and will never steer you wrong. Besides, what other day of the year can you get away with that much sparkle without people giving it a second thought? 

The Mix and Match

I love a puff sleeve. It adds a certain playfulness to a look for any kind of party. A chic blouse, combined with a black sequined skirt, will give you the perfect New Year’s Eve look. Bonus points if you find a sweater that has puff sleeves. Warmth is key, people!

Patterned Tights and a Fun Dress

Ditch the plain black tights for once because patterned tights can add so much intrigue to your look. They add some youth and a little spunk to any dress! And if it’s a fun hot pink dress with a fun design, it’s all the better.

Shine in Tulle

I get all the ballerina vibes from dresses like this. It’s pretty much as close to wearing a tutu as we mere mortals can get. We can’t all be Misty Copeland, after all. Luckily, we can still have fun on New Year’s Eve by incorporating a little tulle into our end-of-the-year look. Pirouette skills or not!

Go for the Gold

A wrap dress is a great style to help emphasize your waist, and in the days of online shopping, it often gives a little more wiggle room if it’s a brand you don’t know well. Thank goodness, because we’re probably all tired of returns.

Velvet and Sparkle Make the Perfect Duo

If dresses just aren’t your style, you might luck out and find some sparkly trousers to bring some festivity to your look. A sparkly sweater will do the trick just as well though! Pair it with a velvet headband, and you’ll be the star of the show.

Embrace the Crown

No matter how you’re celebrating New Year’s, there’s really no reason you can’t wear a New Year’s crown. If all else fails, add a Happy New Year crown to your outfit, and you’ll be good to go.

Closing Thoughts

Life is too short, and you spent too much money on all those fun dresses just to never get to wear them. Even if nobody sees but you, take my word for it and have a little fun with your wardrobe this New Year’s. There’s no better way to ring in the upcoming year than in the right outfit.

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