Minnie Mouse Is Getting A Brand New Outfit—And This A-List Designer Is Creating It

By Gina Florio··  3 min read
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Minnie Mouse New Outfit

The beloved Disney darling Minnie Mouse is getting a makeover. She’s leaving behind her classic red polka-dot dress for a new pantsuit created by one of the most famous designers in the world.

The world-renowned designer Stella McCartney is taking on the task of creating Minnie Mouse’s brand new outfit. We’re used to seeing Minnie in a red, polka-dot dress with a matching bow, but in honor of Women’s History Month, the world’s most famous Disney character will instead don a brand new pantsuit made by Stella McCartney. The new outfit will debut at Disneyland Paris just in time for the park’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

This Is What Minnie Mouse's New Outfit Will Look Like

We were able to catch a glimpse of the pantsuit on Twitter. The biggest twist is not even that it’s a pantsuit—the twist is that it’s blue with black polka dots. Along with Minnie’s pants and blazer, she has a matching bow. 

Not everyone is exactly on board with the new look. Some people expressed confusion over the color choices while others flat out didn't like it. But of course, there was some support for the outfit change. 

From what we can tell, no, this is not a permanent makeover. Minnie’s pantsuit will simply steal the spotlight for the month of March in Paris and then return back to her red dress once Women’s History Month concludes. 

The question is whether this pantsuit trend will make its way to Disney parks in the United States. So far, we haven’t heard any whispers of stateside Minnie Mouse trading in her dress for a suit, but we'll keep an eye out for any changes.

But Why Does It Have to Look Like That?

We're not necessarily opposed to changing up Minnie Mouse's outfit to celebrate Women's History Month. Makeovers can be fun and refreshing. But we have some questions. Why isn't her outfit red anymore? And why does it have to look like a pair of ill-fitting pajamas? It seems like a strange turn of events to make the pantsuit navy blue, let alone unflattering.

The idea of putting Minnie Mouse in a pantsuit could be appealing. Most women have a sharp power suit in their closet that makes them feel confident. But why would we put Minnie in a pantsuit to celebrate Women's History Month of all occasions? Since when is a pantsuit representative of women in general? Sure, women wear suits and we look great in them—but if we're picking the one outfit to celebrate women across the world and the incredible history of our gender, it doesn't seem very sensible to choose a pantsuit out of all things. Not exactly the most feminine choice for the fairer sex.

Regardless, we hope Minnie loves her makeover and she feels beautiful in her new getup.

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