Massachusetts Teacher Brags About Telling 5-Year-Olds About White Privilege And Laughs At The Parents' Concern Over The Subject

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Many schools around the country have become infiltrated by the progressive agenda that shoves Marxist ideology down children's throats rather than teaching them useful subjects that will help them later in life.

The Twitter account LibsofTikTok has routinely been sharing videos or photos exposing what's really going on in grade schools across the U.S. One of the most recent posts features a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher in a Zoom meeting, presumably with other educators and faculty members of her school.

Massachusetts Kindergarten Teacher Brags about Telling 5-Year-Olds about White Privilege

Brenna Woods is a Ditson Elementary School teacher who currently teaches first graders, but last year she was leading a kindergarten class. She bragged to the other teachers in the Zoom meeting about how she introduced critical race theory to the 5-year-olds in her classroom.

"I did a lesson on white privilege essentially," she shared, stating that some of the parents were pleased with the information. "Wow that was a really powerful lesson, thank you for starting that conversation," some parents told her.

"And then I received some emails that were like, 'How dare you treat my white child differently,'" Woods continued. "I'm like, 'Was that hard for you?'"

She laughed and cocked her head to the side as if she was making a joke out of the matter. But it's no laughing matter to teach young children that the color of their skin determines their future and the way they should be treated. White privilege is a pillar of critical race theory, which is a Marxist framework that divides society into the oppressor and the oppressed. It's a mentally damaging concept that teaches children to judge people by the color of their skin, exactly the opposite of what Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted.

"We need either talking points for families because if we're going to be talking to kids about this, this is really hard for parents to hear," she said. "Especially parents who unknowingly lead very privileged lives and don't know how to have that conversation."

It should go without saying, but these "very privileged" parents have every right to be concerned over the type of education their children are receiving, particularly when they are paying the teacher's salary to educate their kids.

Not surprisingly, next to Woods' name under her face, the pronouns "(they/them)" were visible. It's sad to think that these are the kinds of teachers educating our children and shaping their minds. Critical race theory has no place in the classroom, particularly not in the classroom of a 5-year-old. If the school had any sense at all, she would be terminated immediately.

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