Kim Kardashian West Asks For “Compassion And Empathy” For Kanye And His Bipolar Disorder

By Paula Gallagher
·  1 min read
KKW asks for compassion and empathy

On July 22, Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram to address the stigma around mental health and to ask for the public’s respect for their family’s privacy right now.

In her Instagram story, Kim wrote about Kanye’s bipolar disorder and the challenges that brings to the family. She acknowledges that Kanye is a public figure, and asks that the media and the public give them “compassion and empathy” during this time.

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While Kim doesn’t explicitly confirm that Kanye is suffering a bipolar episode, her statement seems to imply it.

Back on July 9, TMZ reported that their “Kanye sources” say he is having a bipolar episode (and that he has a serious episode about once a year) and his family is worried about him. Furthermore, Kanye has told TMZ in the past that he doesn’t consistently take his medication because it interferes with his creative abilities. TMZ links Kanye’s current Presidential campaign to his bipolar disorder. 

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