Julia Fox Makes Fun Of Male Sexual Abuse Victim On TikTok—"I Don't Feel Bad For You Lol"

Julia Fox is facing backlash (again). This time, she made fun of a male victim who revealed he was sexually assaulted. The actress commented, "idk why but I don't feel bad for u lol."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox has angered the internet yet again. This time, she made an insensitive comment on a man's (@big_whip13) video on TikTok, who revealed he was sexually assaulted.

The victim took part in the platform's "mascara trend," where people use the term "mascara" as a code word for "penis" to prevent getting booted off the app. "I gave this one girl mascara one time, and it must've been so good that she decided that she and her friend should both try without my consent," he wrote in his video.

The TikToker also added the following hashtags on his clip to raise awareness of sexual assault: "#saawareness #foryoupage #menspeakup." While the majority of @big_whip13's comments were supportive, Julia Fox – as per usual – decided to be a contrarian. "Idk why but I don't feel bad for u lol," she wrote in the comment section. 

"You don't feel bad that I was sexually assaulted?" @big_whip13 asked her, but the 32-year-old has yet to respond. According to some audience members, Fox is reportedly deleting comments that are asking her to address her statement on her TikTok. Some of her fans believe that she's unaware of the "mascara trend," but her response to @big_whip13's video seems to prove that she does know what he's talking about. 

Fox would have likely seen the replies on his video, considering she had to open the comment section to type up her own response. A lot of these responses provide context clues. "My cousin tried my mascara from the ages 6-8," wrote Kaden.

"It wasn't your fault, I hope you are doing okay and healing," said Jasmine. 

Another user added, "I'm so sorry. I am proud of you for speaking up, your not alone."

Fox is also known to frequent TikTok, often commenting on users' videos. There's no doubt the mascara trend is viral on the platform at the moment, so it's kind of hard to believe that Fox would be uninformed about it.

Men Have a Hard Time Speaking Up about Sexual Assault 

Here's why Julia Fox's comment is a big deal – as reported by the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, about 1 in 33 males is sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Unfortunately, men are less likely to report their victimization due to gender-based stigmas. "Males are far less likely to report their victimization and therefore far less likely to seek or obtain help," said researcher Meghan Stroshine. “Male victims are more likely than females to be victimized by a stranger and by someone of the same sex.”

Last month, Fox faced backlash for sharing an image of her sexualized teddy bear Christmas ornament following the Balenciaga scandal. With her no longer dating Kanye West – and not really having too many television appearances at the moment – it makes sense why she tries to be controversial to stay relevant. 

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