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Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

By Paula Gallagher·· 1 min read
biden and harris
Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire

Joe Biden has fulfilled his promise to pick a female vice presidential nominee, announcing his choice of Kamala Harris today.

The announcement came via Twitter and Biden’s campaign website.

Harris brings several practical benefits to Biden’s campaign. She’s a woman. She’s of Jamaican and Indian descent, so she brings racial diversity. Both her parents were immigrants. And she’s more than 20 years younger than Biden, garnering the interest of a younger generation.

Furthermore, she anchors Biden in the more moderate segment of the Democratic party. She has teamed up with Republican lawmakers more than once to draft legislation during her time in the Senate. CNBC News writes, “Harris’ selection also complicates efforts by incumbent President Donald Trump and his campaign apparatus to portray Biden as a tool of the ‘radical left’.”

The question is, does Kamala Harris tick enough of the “woke” boxes for people to vote (for her by voting) for Biden?


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