Jewelry Company Kendra Scott Inc. Officially Makes Mother's Day A Corporate Holiday, Giving Employees Paid Time Off The Following Monday

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Mother's Day falls on May 8 in 2022, and it's the busiest day of the year for restaurants. It always falls on a Sunday, so it's never been recognized as an official holiday at work – until now.

The Austin, TX based jewelry company Kendra Scott Inc. has made a change on their corporate calendar that has never been done before. If you work there, the Monday following Mother's Day will be paid time off, regardless of whether you're a mother or not.

Kendra Scott Just Made Mother's Day a Corporate Holiday

Kendra Scott is a mother of three who started her company 20 years ago when her firstborn was only 3 months old. Although she has stepped down as CEO of the company and now serves as executive chairwoman, she's still passionate about offering moms flexibility at work so they can continue being present for their children. More than 95% of her employees are women.

The company's new initiative is called "Take the Time," and not only does it make the Monday after Mother's Day an official corporate holiday in which employees get paid time off, but the retail and customer care teams working on the Sunday of Mother's Day will be paid an increased holiday rate. The corporate office and distribution center will be closed the following Monday.

"Whether our employees are working moms themselves or they want to take the time to celebrate a parental figure in their life, we want to give them the time to do that," Scott said. 

Kendra Scott Inc. released a statement explaining why they made this decision. “Family comes first at Kendra Scott. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to offer a day for our employees to take the time to celebrate themselves and their families. Starting this year, we declare that Mother’s Day is an annual Kendra Scott holiday, giving time for recognition and celebration,” Scott said.

"Over the past year, parents have continued to feel the pandemic effects of balancing full-time jobs and caring for their families," the statement continued. "It is reported that 40% of mothers have added 3+ hours of daily caregiving to their schedules. Recognizing that a mother can be defined in various ways, the corporate holiday aims to celebrate any supporting parental role and provide all employees with more time to spend with family, honor their own parental figures however they see fit, and take quality time for themselves."

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