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I Was Right In 2016. Here's Why I Bet $20,000 That Trump Will Win (Big) Again

By Anonymous·· 15 min read
I'm So Confident Trump Will Win That I Bet Thousands Of Dollars On His Victory

In mid-November of 2016, I wrote a Facebook post about why Hillary lost the election. It had been almost two weeks since Trump’s victory, and my social media timelines (and the internet at large) were overflowing with collective dismay and utter shock.

The focus was less on why Trump won, and more on why Hillary and the Democrats lost. I thought maybe, just maybe, some of my friends would find some solace in understanding why Hillary lost. But if the past four years are any indication, clearly that was naïve. Liberals and Democrats haven’t learned a thing. They locked themselves deeper within their echo chambers. They doubled down on the belief that America is just full of racist, sexist, people. The DNC did exactly the OPPOSITE of what they needed to do to defeat the incumbent president in this election.

Election day is tomorrow, and I'm betting $20,000 on the following prediction:

Donald Trump is going to win the election by a landslide. This will be the most historic victory since 1988, and possibly since Reagan’s historic win in 1980.

Could the polls be wrong? Again? Yes, they can. And they are. People lie when being polled. They’re either afraid to admit they’re voting for Trump because of the hostile political climate, or they get pleasure out of watching the polls be so embarrassingly wrong a second time around.

My prediction is Trump wins by 328–362 electoral college votes. To everyone’s shock, he also wins the popular vote.

Florida will go to Trump, no question. Cubans and Venezuelans may identify as Democrats, but if there are two things they hate in this world, it’s Socialism and illegal immigration.

If Trump does win, you can thank the Democrats, because they elected him. So first, let’s talk about why Biden will lose.

The DNC Had Four Years To Get This Right 

They needed to select a candidate who would appeal to moderates, preferably someone who doesn’t have dementia and could string a coherent sentence together. A corrupt, establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton wouldn’t work — they knew that, and even Hillary begrudgingly knew that. But still, the party of diversity spoke incessantly about the need for a female president or at least a minority president. So they chose an old white man who had spent 47 years in Washington, complete with a lackluster record, with a soft-spot for sniffing women, and a credible sexual assault allegation by former staffer Tara Reade, who the left pretends doesn’t exist. The reality is that most honest liberals know this. They know Biden is a terrible candidate. There isn’t a drop of enthusiasm for his campaign, only a collective sigh of, “yeah, but anyone’s better than Trump.” Sorry, that’s not good enough. Remember 2016? You’ll be reminded of it soon if you’ve forgotten.

Instead of rallying behind one candidate right from the start, it was a divided mess. 

A circus show. There was one candidate with strong support from both sides who was shunned from debates and from the DNC. Tulsi Gabbard was attractive, likable, intelligent, served in the military, anti-corruption, and not an extreme radical. She wiped the floor with Kamala Harris by calling out her racist record of incarceration and basically ended Kamala’s run.

But Kamala still got a word in, to Joe Biden that is. Although she started with “I don’t think you’re a racist… but” she basically proceeded to blast him on his racist 1994 crime bill, among other things. You wouldn’t expect this to be the woman he would choose as VP. More so, you wouldn’t expect her to accept. But he wanted the minority votes, as well as the radicals that would be pissed Bernie was snubbed once again.

Choosing Kamala as VP was a huge mistake.

There are few candidates less likable than her. First, there’s the disingenuous appeal to minorities by identifying as Indian, then as a black woman. Secondly, she famously incarcerated black men for minor drug crimes, while she bragged about smoking pot in college. She even buried evidence that would exonerate a man on death row. There were talks of kickbacks from prison labor incentives. Not to mention women, in general, don’t particularly like her.

All they had to do was not be crazy. 

The amount of radical agenda that has come from the Left over the past four years is staggering to every conservative and classical liberal. The Left has gone radically far left on almost every issue, while the right has moved somewhat closer to the center. If this is news to you, you can thank Big Tech for creating leftist ideological echo chambers.

COVID and the Lockdowns 

Since the left and right have two versions of how Trump handled coronavirus, I’m going to focus on the lockdowns. Why? Because the effects of the government-mandated lockdowns will play a far more important role in persuading Americans in the voting booth than the virus itself. Blue states that have continued strict lockdowns have almost twice the unemployment of red states where GOP governors moved fast to reopen businesses and schools. Suicide rates, substance abuse, domestic abuse, all skyrocketed. The number of businesses lost in states like California and New York is staggering.

At the end of the day, when you take away people’s ability to feed their families and pay rent, you’re messing with a deeply-rooted human need for survival, especially when you put that against the risk of contracting a virus that the vast majority of people who contracted it have recovered from. The Draconian lockdowns in liberal-run cities took a serious psychological toll on people, regardless of their political affiliation. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

The Riots

The lemon juice on the papercut was that for months and months, every left-wing media outlet, every Democrat politician, not only refused to condemn the violent riots across the country, they practically encouraged them. It can be perfectly summarized by CNN having “fiery but mostly peaceful protest” across the bottom of the screen as a reporter stands in the streets of Kenosha that's literally in flames directly behind him. Time and time again, Democrats have refused to condemn ANTIFA, responsible for the riots and destruction in cities across America, including many minority communities (Spoiler alert: Most of them are white progressives with rich parents).

The Corruption

Rather than focus on defeating Trump at the next election, Democrats spent most of the past four years refusing to accept the results of 2016 by doing everything in their power to sabotage and remove a duly-elected president. Democrats and all of the Left-wing media excused the spying on the Trump campaign by Obama’s FBI. They spent three years on the proven Russia Hoax spawned by a fake dossier, followed by partisan impeachment. The Hunter Biden scandal of selling access to his VP father has convinced many Americans that the Democrats have essentially been accusing Trump of the crimes they were committing.

Leftist-run social media platforms have collectively worked as a partisan machine to censor and suppress news and opinions that favor Trump while promoting anything that makes him look bad. The most extreme example is their decision to block the Hunter Biden laptop story from being shared and blocking those accounts who shared it, starting with the New York Post. Locking the account of the press secretary of the United States, censoring major and legitimate news stories weeks before a Presidential Election is something you’d expect in Communist China, not America. It’s another nail in the coffin of free speech.

The Left’s Blatant Hatred for America

As the political divide widens, and the idea of a Civil War becomes less far-fetched every day, one theme has come to the forefront: this election is a battle between those who love America and those who hate it. Between those who value individual freedom, and those who want socialism, identity politics, and the rule of the mob over the rule of law. I never thought that the American Flag would be a sign of conservatism, but it’s true. You will rarely see an American flag flying on a house with a Biden sign. You will almost always see the American flag accompanied by a Trump sign.

Political violence has increased in alarming ways, and mostly (almost entirely) by the Left. Your average liberal doesn’t see this, because they don’t follow conservative social media accounts or conservative media, so they see a very one-sided and narrow depiction of what’s taking place.

America is in the midst of a major culture war, and the “silent majority” can't stand being silent any longer. They’re tired of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. when the majority of them are nothing of the kind. They’re tired of living in fear of losing their job, their friends, even family members because they support the President.

I have read the news from the mainstream left and right-wing media outlets every day for the past four years. I have followed conservative and liberal accounts. I can say without hesitation, that the vast majority of the hatred, bigotry, and bullying I have seen has come from the Left. Ask any minority who supports Trump — black, Hispanic, Asian, gay, trans — and they will tell you they experienced far more hatred from the Left after becoming pro-Trump than they ever did from the Right as a liberal.

Why Trump Will Win

No one, many conservatives included, really knew if Trump was going to deliver on his campaign promises. And he STILL managed to win. I’d wager there isn’t a single voter who voted for Trump in 2016 who isn’t voting for him in 2020. By that logic, he’s already won. But it doesn’t stop there. America will be shocked to learn how many life-long Democrats vote for Trump (look up the #walkaway movement), how many women, how many gay men, how many black men, how many Hispanics (especially Cubans in Miami who identify as Democrats but despise socialism), and how many conservatives who didn’t trust him or believe he would keep his promises. “How can anyone vote for Trump?” is only a question you would ask if you listened to CNN and MSNBC for the past four years. For anyone else, the answers are plentiful.

Above all, Trump kept his promises. And he ran on some very big promises.


He promised to clean up illegal immigration and build a wall. He’s largely done it. He was called racist for wanting legal immigration and a strong border. For the first time to my knowledge, Democrats called for the end of borders, the end of ICE, decided to do away with any differentiation between legal and illegal immigrants, even though every Democrat in the past, including beloved Obama, held the opposite stance. Remember the kids in cages that the media falsely blamed Trump for? Those were photos taken in the Obama era. It’s a fact that the Obama admin built the cages.

The Supreme Court

Trump promised to elect conservatives justices. With the recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, in addition to Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, he did not disappoint. He has single-handedly guaranteed a conservative SCOTUS for a generation. If you think Americans forgot how Democrats tried to destroy a man’s life with heinous and absurd gang-rape allegations, you’re wrong. Several of the women later admitted they made it all up. Their treatment of ACB was not as bad, but that's only because they had no choice. Sexual assault allegations were off the table. Her record was air-tight. Racism allegations would have been a joke (she adopted two black children). And the religious attacks didn’t make a dent.

The Military

Trump promised to rebuild America’s military, which had been drastically reduced and weakened across the board under Obama. He did. If you think that the vast majority of men and women in uniform (especially police officers, including minority cops) aren’t passionately voting for Trump, you’re wrong.


Trump vowed to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. He killed their leader, al-Baghdadi, and destroyed the terrorist group as a whole. Despite these acts of military strength, what came next was surprising.

Ending the War in Iraq

Remember all that talk about how Trump would start World War III if elected? Me too. Instead, he ended the war in the Middle East, like he promised he would. Let’s stop here for a moment. Republicans and Democrats can all agree George Bush was a bad president. Never in my life did I think Democrats would be dismissive at best, and angry at worst, that Trump put an end to years and years of senseless wars that never should have started in the first place.

Peace in the Middle East 

Perhaps the most underrated and snubbed topic is the fact that the Trump admin recently negotiated peace treaties in the Middle East, particularly between Arabs and Israelis. Whether or not this is honored by all sides and for long remains to be seen. But the fact that it happened at all is unprecedented. Big side note: Presidents for several decades have talked about moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. Trump actually did it. If you don’t think that’s a big deal for the majority of Jewish Americans, you’re wrong.

Gay Marriage

Trump is the first American President in history to support gay marriage from the start of his campaign and the start of his first term. Obama was against gay-marriage when he entered office, at least publicly. That’s an uncomfortable fact. This is one of the reasons why conservatives can’t understand why liberals hate Trump more than they hated Bush. He’s the first “Republican” president of his kind, but he’s really more of a populist. Don’t be surprised if nearly half of gay men vote for Trump.

Jobs, Trade, and the Economy 

Trump promised a booming economy. And it isn’t hyperbole to say he built the greatest economy in recorded history. The New York Times even wrote, “We ran out of words to describe how good the job numbers are.” Lowest black unemployment in recorded history. Lowest female unemployment in recorded history. Record low unemployment for Hispanics. (Of course, this all happened before COVID forced the entire world to shut down. We’ll get to that.)

Trump promised to bring jobs back from overseas by enticing companies to return manufacturing to America (particularly the auto industry). Obama said, “How exactly are you going to do that? What magic wand do you have?” Apparently an orange one. The point is, he did it. Don’t be surprised when Michigan votes red like it did in 2016.

Tax Cuts

Trump promised to cut taxes and lift regulations on companies. He did. “Taxation is theft.” Libertarians aren’t the only ones who were happy. Side note: If you think Trump’s leaked tax returns hurt him, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Following the law isn’t the hit-piece The New York Times thought it would be. Trump’s tax returns simply showed that he benefited from depreciation losses and other tax breaks that have been available to the real estate industry for a century.

Black Issues

Trump asked a simple and powerful question to black voters: “What do you have to lose?” The Black Community has been lied to, used, and abused by (particularly Democrat) politicians for decades. “That’s not true!” Really? Point to any and every black community in America. Show me the statistics on literacy and education. Show me the crime statistics. Show me the statistics on fatherless homes. Show me the employment statistics. Show me the drug abuse statistics. Show me the neighborhoods. Now point to every mayor, council member, and politician in charge of those cities and communities. What party are they? What promises have they made for decades? Aside from emotionally firing up black communities with cries of racism and systemic oppression every four years, what have they actually done?

And you know who educated black Americans on this reality? Barack Obama. “We finally got a black man in the white house!” And after eight years… nothing. Not a damn thing for black Americans. He was the favorite of every white progressive who could feel good thinking they’re not racist because they voted for him. This was mocked brilliantly in the film Get Out.

Yes. The most depressing thing of all for Black Americans is that Obama, the first (half) black president in American history, did absolutely nothing for them. Nothing. What’s even crazier is that Trump, the “racist,” comes along and does more in four years than Obama ever did in eight. Lowest black unemployment in history, the lowest incarceration rate in 31 years, major funding for historically black universities, the list goes on.

If you think Candace Owens, Larry Elder, and a handful of rappers are the only black Americans voting for Trump, you’re wrong. When the numbers are revealed, they will be hard for white liberals to comprehend. The media’s never-ending attempts to paint Trump as a racist only lasted so long. At the end of the day, his actions speak for themselves. And more black Americans will vote red than they have in decades.

Closing Thoughts

The Democrats will challenge the results of the election either way. There will be nationwide riots. There will be some fraud. But a landslide victory will be hard to contest. For all the hyperbole, this is the most important election in the history of our country. Never has there been two more irreconcilable directions.


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