I Asked My Husband To Style My Outfits For A Week—Here’s How It Went

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Ever look in your very full closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” Maybe you should consult your man – his styling choices might surprise you.

Remember our little experiment where we let the men in our lives dress us for a day? I joined seven of my fellow Evie gals in giving a man in my life (my husband, in my case) carte blanche over my attire, and in my opinion, all of the guys exceeded expectations. I thought to myself, hey, maybe I should let my husband weigh in on my style more often.

Suspicions confirmed, the men in our lives actually have a better idea of what clothing makes us shine than we probably give them credit for! I let my husband, Brian, style me for an entire week (without cheating), and let’s just say that he aced it. Read on to see what he picked.

1. Cocktail Attire for a Summertime Wedding

DAY ONE andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“I love this dress. The long sleeves, high collar, and jet black color almost say ’gothic,’ but you could easily take it in the exact opposite direction – which is what I tried to do. The combination of the white heels, clear bag, and silver hoop earrings keep it from looking bleak or drab. I think this is such a classy outfit for a wedding, work event, church service, Sunday brunch, or any occasion.”

When I posted this one, I got a good chuckle out of people criticizing me online for wearing black to a wedding. The bride and groom asked for cocktail attire and even backed me up on Twitter since an LBD is a timeless pick. 

I felt great because the dress cinches my waist in at a flattering spot and has wiggle room on the top and bottom to wear for a long event. The dress had also been hiding in my closet for about a year now, so I’m happy I got another good wear out of it. 

Another element of this outfit I felt particularly proud of Brian for choosing was this little, clear acrylic glitter purse that his mother gifted me. He topped it all off with white, ankle-tie high platform heels and silver drop-hoop earrings. Major win for a beautiful night!

2. Low-Key Sweater Dress Day 

DAY TWO andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“I was going for a cute and ‘playful’ look. The platform shoes and light colored bag really sell that. It just has a fun vibe if you look at the whole picture, but if you’re sitting down working at a desk, that sweater dress with the larger hoop earrings create a look that is perfectly clean and business appropriate.”

Brian knows how much I love sweaters. If I really felt like it, I could wear a different sweater every day without repeating an outfit for…well… too many days in a row. That being said, sometimes sweaters make me feel pretty lazy and that’s where a good sweater dress comes in. 

He picked a pairing that’s in a comfortable rotation for me when I’m having a very low-key day in the office but don’t want to feel like a slob. It’s the little things like having platform sneakers on instead of flat ones and a cinch to your waistline so you’re not being swallowed by your sweater dress that really give a bit more of a feminine feeling to an otherwise understated look. Bonus points to Brian for picking my biggest hoop earrings to add even more balance to a low-key look.

3. Channeling On-Camera Chic 

DAY THREE andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“Beyond just being a classic formal look, what I like about this one is that it feels patriotic without being tacky. That deep crimson red in the dress reminded me of the stripes of the American flag and that shade of lipstick is a nice accent. This look says ‘I’m ready to go on a TV news station and give a report.’”

Accurate! On this day I was filming an interview with Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, after he came and spoke at an event for my day job. I actually love that Brian picked a dress for me that I tend to overlook for something newer when I’m choosing a special event dress because this was the perfect look for the occasion. 

He kept my jewelry very pared back with a tiny cross necklace and small, ear-hugging hoops. Another fun touch with this one was that he selected the heels I wore on our wedding day! They were comfortable for us romping all around Catalina Island during our elopement-style wedding photography, and they were comfortable for mixing and mingling during this work event.

4. Newest Obsession: My Denim Jacket

DAY FOUR andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“This is me leaning more into the casual territory. I loved the combination of the denim jacket with the white Converse. Normally, T-shirt dresses by themselves look shapeless/not form-fitting. Paired with the jacket and those shoes it makes a nice, fresh everyday outfit.”

I need to admit something. Up until recently, I never owned a denim jacket but fell in love with them earlier this year. Not sure why I was sleeping on such a classic wardrobe staple! This was another casual day in the office where we had no meetings, so I appreciated the forgiving t-shirt dress with something structured on top of it to wear while I typed away at my desk.

One of my best friends gifted me a pair of white Converse sneakers earlier this year because she knew I typically wear my NoBulls or Allbirds to the gym even though I should really be wearing flat shoes to squat and deadlift in. So you can imagine, I was pretty grateful Brian picked my Converse for a chill office day because that also meant I could wear the same shoes to the gym after I finished my workday.

5. Super Sleek and Serpentine

DAY FIVE andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“I feel like I can’t take too much credit for this because the snakeskin boots match the design on the top so well, they feel made for one another. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the pants have an almost leathery quality. I thought the combination of snakeskin and ‘leather’ was pretty badass. A good look for the office or for after-work drinks. Of course, the black bag and the black earrings help tie it all together.”

I have to give Brian major props for this one. My leather-look leggings have typically been relegated to gym attire, but he put together a rebellious, yet totally office-appropriate outfit with them that I had honestly never thought to try before! I didn’t feel out of place during work meetings wearing athleisure as my bottoms, I actually felt pretty sexy.

Something I really have appreciated with Brian’s outfit choices during this whole process is seeing how deliberate and purposeful he is when it comes to colors. Every time he was making color decisions, he’d think about how he could add balance by including that color in other parts of the outfit. For this one, it was the solid black accents as the leggings, scrunchie, and earrings! Let’s talk about that scrunchie too. High, sleek buns start to give me a headache around 3PM, but Brian wanted me to try a hairstyle I don’t do as often. This hairstyle was also perfect timing because I was on day-three hair, and the sheer amount of dry shampoo I had in my hair gave the perfect texture for an updo. 

6. Short Skorts and Black Boots for Date Night

DAY SIX andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“I wanted to do at least one outfit that involved putting your hair up with a black ribbon, so this entire outfit is reverse engineered around that. Like a lot of the outfits I tend to pick, it strikes a balance between business and casual, between traditional and alternative.”

Date night! We were off to try a new place for tapas and sangria, but first I had to get through a full workday which included a bit of local travel to interview a colleague for a bio piece I was writing on them. I really appreciated that Brian picked something a bit sassy but still classy for me to look appropriate at the home of a colleague and at happy hour. 

Although he originally wanted me to wear a black ribbon and had purposefully planned the rest of the outfit around the ribbon (again, balancing colors is at the top of his mind), Brian ultimately ended up choosing a black velvet headband instead, which added some fun texture to go with the faux calf hair clutch and leather booties.

As it seems to be the case with men if left to their own volition, they have this way of picking out the things in your closet that you pretty much never wear. This blouse is a prime example of that. I had recently bought the skort he paired with it, but the black puff-sleeve blouse was actually a – don’t judge me – 2020 purchase which had never been worn! Thanks to Brian, I now have no excuse to leave that blouse sitting unworn in my closet because I’ll be re-wearing this look again.

7. Sundress Season or Shire Season?

DAY SEVEN V2 andrea mew husband dressing challenge

“I realized I hadn’t done anything with a cardigan yet. Or with these colors. LOL. I tried to match the tan cardigan with the tan shoes. The leaf necklace, which reminds me of the Leaves of Lorien brooch, goes so well with the green dress and its floral pattern. To me it feels ‘summery,’ especially if you decided to remove the cardigan.”

This is definitely the most soft-natural look that Brian gave me and it’s right in time for sundress season, which we at Evie know to be men’s favorite season. It was in the mid-80s here in Southern California this day, so a soft, flowing, earthy sundress was welcomed by me with open arms.  

A potentially overlooked aspect of this outfit is the hairstyle Brian wanted me to try. He asked that I try braids in some capacity, which I think really channeled flower-child vibes and helped elevate a somewhat conservative outfit. 

He and I unconditionally love the Lord of the Rings, so it was only natural that he picked my Leaves of Lorien necklace for this more free-spirited, boho look. Our joint love for Tolkien goes so far that he designed my engagement band – which I still wear in tandem with my wedding band – to evoke Tolkien-esque leaves curling around my finger.

Though I tend to pick neutrals or light pastels, I know that shades of green compliment my complexion, brunette hair, and green eyes. For that reason, I appreciated Brian picking out a dress in a color that I otherwise pass up while looking through my closet full of Millennial pink, baby blue, and soft lavender.

Closing Thoughts

If either of these two experiments have taught me anything, it’s that the trusted men in our lives have an eye for what looks great on us. That might mean, especially in my case, that if you try out an experiment like this, you’ll likely revisit some articles of clothing which you had pooh-poohed and never fully appreciated. 

There’s a reason why “women be shopping” is a meme, since so many of us tend to refresh our wardrobes with new pickings as trends wax and wane, but letting my husband shop my wardrobe to breathe new life into my existing clothes gave me a new appreciation for what I’ve already got at home. 

So, are you next? If you let a man in your life style you for a week, you might also uncover his hidden, personal styling talents!  

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