How To Decorate For Christmas Based On Your Christmas Aesthetic

Yay, the Christmas season is here! Whether you’ve already started decorating or you’re waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree, Christmas décor is probably on your mind.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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In the midst of your regular November shopping, the stores are filling up with ornaments, trees, lights, and all the other wonderful things that decorate the season and our homes. It can be overwhelming, however, to decide which aesthetic you prefer this time of year and how to decorate your house accordingly. 

Here are some of the most popular Christmas aesthetics, and how to decorate with your aesthetic in mind!

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Rustic Christmas

Rustic, farmhouse décor has been popular for the last few years, and this aesthetic is one of the easiest to shop and decorate for this season. The key to a cozy, modern look is to keep the colors minimalistic and the décor coordinated but not over the top. White, light wood, black, and a consistent green will tie your house together while still creating a Christmas vibe. 

Wondering what few key pieces will help you achieve this look? We’ve got you covered! These simple holly green trees from Anthropologie ($18) will look perfect on your mantle, coffee table, or dresser. For the tree, you’ll need a set of white, glittery pine cone ornaments ($16) and a set of pearly white globes ($20). And add as much red plaid as your heart desires!

Elegant Christmas

If you lean towards perfectly coordinated trees and wrapped gifts, you might like the elegant Christmas aesthetic. This aesthetic emphasizes gold as the focal point of the décor, combined with deep shades of green and red. An elegant Christmas home is festive but classy, and plays off Christmas themes with a touch of sophistication. 

For the tree, a set of subtle gold ornaments will make the tree sparkle from every angle ($25). This stunning tree skirt will look beautiful under the tree, complete with velvet bows ($148). For the rest of the décor, add these gold trees throughout your home ($25). 

Pink Christmas

The girliest of all the Christmas aesthetics, a pink-themed holiday home is so fun and festive! Whether you like to go all out with a pink tree or simply cover your tree with pink ornaments, there is truly no wrong way to decorate your home in a pink hue. You can also balance out this look with different shades of pink, or add white or gold accents to emphasize the pink details. 

Finding pieces for this aesthetic is fairly easy, considering you’re looking for one color and one color only. This pink floral ornament ($14) is absolute perfection and will look beautiful on your (pink) tree. Fill in the rest of the tree with this set of assorted pink baubles ($20). A pink and gold tree pillow would tie in the colors of your décor and look pretty on your couch ($25). For the mantle, add this adorable set of bottle brush trees in the perfect shades of pink ($25). 

Coastal Christmas 

If you live by the beach or wish you did, the coastal Christmas aesthetic is a fun and festive way to create a beachy holiday experience. Think sandcastles, surfboards, and aquatic creatures. To be done well, you have to fully commit to the coastal theme. Blue and tan will dominate the color scheme, but you can add red pieces, as well as pink, to bring some dimension to the overall look. 

This gold sand dollar ornament is the perfect balance to some of the more colorful décor ($24), or this life preserver ornament brings in traditional Christmas colors in a coastal shape ($34). To fill in the rest of the tree, add this large set of pink, blue, and white ornaments in relatively coastal shapes ($25). For a beachy touch, add this seashell Christmas tree throughout your home ($20).

Classic Christmas

The classic Christmas aesthetic includes red and green focal points, with lots of holly, mistletoe, and greenery. If it belongs in a Christmas song, it belongs in your Classic Christmas home! This aesthetic creates a homey atmosphere, especially if you have a fireplace to hang stockings on. This aesthetic is easy to shop for, as most home stores sell classically Christmas ornaments and wreaths. The tree is full of miscellaneous and meaningful ornaments, and there are flannel sheets on every bed. 

If you need to grab a few things to achieve this aesthetic in your home, here are a couple great options for whatever is lacking in your home décor. This wreath is the epitome of a classic Christmas, with pinecones, holly, and a large red bow ($80). For the table, this pine candle holder would make a great centerpiece ($30). And for the tree, this set of ornaments features the classic colors and shapes we expect for a Christmas tree ($24). 

Blue Christmas

Elvis Presley on repeat this season? Maybe you lean towards a blue Christmas aesthetic! Similar to that of a pink Christmas, the bulk of your décor will be in shades of blue, with a few silver tones to coordinate the whole home. One of the nicest parts of blue Christmas décor is that you don’t have to be overly picky with the tones or pieces you pick out, because the blue aesthetic is noticeable right away. 

To brighten up the space, add this stunning glass tree ($38) with the marbled blue accents and glowy lights. The tree will be covered with tons of blue and silver ornaments of various shapes and sizes ($20). A deep blue velvet tree skirt would look lovely under the tree as well ($25). And a blue ornament garland would be the perfect touch above the mantle ($17). 

Bright Christmas

If subtle colors or traditional Christmas colors are not your style, then the bright Christmas aesthetic might be for you! This décor theme features bright tones of blue, pink, lime green, red, and yellow. It’s fun and colorful, and creates such an exciting atmosphere for the season. The best part of a bright décor theme is that anything goes – you can pull from other aesthetics, add whatever looks you like, and it will still look cohesive and purposeful. 

The highly anticipated Anthropologie wreath is a must-have, if your front door has been looking bare ($198). This beautiful wreath includes a snowy village in various hues and lots of colorful trees, covered in sparkly snow. To keep the village motif throughout the home, Anthropologie sells these precious winter village stores in a variety of colors, which is a classy way to bring color into the décor ($38). You can also add a few of these fun and festive pom-pom trees around your home ($30), as they are full of color and are sure to make you smile. 

Neutral Christmas

Also known as a Scandinavian Christmas aesthetic, a neutral Christmas combines the fun shapes and items of the season, but in soft, earthy tones. If your home is decorated in neutral colors year round, this décor aesthetic is perfect for you. 

For the tree, choose simple, elegant white lights and add these adorable birdhouse ornaments ($68). A neutral garland for the mantle, like this jingle bell garland ($15), adds a metallic change to the rest of your décor. This tree skirt ($138) is a neutral lover's dream, with festive bobbles on the edges in the perfect shade of tan. 

Closing Thoughts

Decorating your home is such a fun way to show your personal touch and style for the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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