Home Depot Allegedly Releases A "Privilege" Guideline To Its Employees That Targets Christians, White Individuals, And Able-Bodied People

By Gina Florio··  3 min read
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Virtually every major corporation that we buy from regularly has participated in the toxic culture of diversity and inclusivity at their headquarters, and Home Depot is the latest one to bite the dust.

We all heard about the diversity training at Coca-Cola which told their white employees that they were inherently racist and instructed them on how to "be less white." Lululemon is another big brand name that has devoted tons of money to diversity and inclusivity training, which just means their white employees are constantly being told that they have suppressed racism living inside of them.

Home Depot has fallen in line with the rest of these corporations that obsess over people's skin color rather than their work performance.

Home Depot Allegedly Distributes "Privilege" Guidelines to Its Employees

An independent journalist that goes by @libsoftiktok on Twitter shared a photo of a packet that was allegedly handed out by a Home Depot in Calgary, Alberta to its employees. It's entitled "Leading Practices: Unpacking privilege." The worksheet is jam-packed with radical intersectional ideology that automatically assigns privilege to people because of their skin color, religious beliefs, gender, and physical ability.

There's a section called "What privilege looks like" and it includes white privilege, class privilege, Christian privilege, cisgender privilege, and able-bodied privilege. Apparently, if any of those adjectives apply to you, you possess a benefit at the expense or detriment of others and you must recognize this and repent for being an oppressor.

Additionally, there is a section called "Racism = Racial Prejudice + Power," which posits that racism comes from power structures that hold a "set of discriminatory or derogatory attitudes" based on perceptions about race, and anyone who participates in this power structure is racist.

A second page shows instructions on how to talk about white privilege, even if it makes you uncomfortable. It also claims that the word white "creates discomfort especially when individuals are not used to being defined or described by their race."

"Privilege" Has Nothing To Do with Home Improvement

Obviously this is a load of nonsense, but even further than that it's offensive and insulting to all of Home Depot's employees. This packet, just like all diversity and inclusivity content, teaches people to see people for their skin color, their religion, and their physical ability above all else. Even more than that, these matters have no place whatsoever in a workplace.

What does "privilege" have to do with selling supplies for home improvement? Nothing at all, which the executives at this Home Depot know, but they intentionally move forward with this kind of offensive content regardless because it falls perfectly in line with the intersectional ideology that is sweeping all the major institutions, from media to entertainment to private corporations.

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