Grimes Posts New Picture Hinting That She Got A Surgery To Give Herself Elf Ears

By Gina Florio
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Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, is a Canadian musician who is known for having two children with Elon Musk. She recently posted a picture of her face bandaged up, hinting that she just got done having plastic surgery.

Grimes and Elon were private about their two children, and she also said that the two weren't even together when their surrogate gave birth to their daughter, Exa Dark Sideræl. Grimes said she and Elon have always wanted "at least three or four" chidren together even though they are "probably semi-separated."

She has always marched to the beat of her own drum, and after telling her followers that she is seriously interested in getting a surgery to give herself elf ears, she posted a picture of herself on Twitter with her face bandaged up.

Grimes Posts New Picture Hinting That She Got a Surgery to Give Herself Elf Ears

On Saturday, Grimes posted a picture on Twitter showing her face bandaged and wearing a hospital gown. She simply captioned the picture "I did smthn crazy!" leaving her followers to guess what kind of surgery or procedure she chose to have.

Many people already guessed that she got a procedure to give herself elf ears, as she has told her followers previously that this is something she has planned for the future. "YOU DID THE EARS??" one follower asked. "OMG U DID THE EARS," another person said.

In the picture, Grimes' ears are covered up with bandages so it's likely that she did in fact choose the surgery to give herself elf ears. The procedure takes cartilage of the patient's ears and turns it into a pointy shape at the top of the ears that you see many elves have in the fantasy genre.

“Also, has anyone done elf ear mods with a good outcome? Im scared about ear cartilage having a hard time healing,” Grimes once tweeted. “Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I’ve wanted it my whole life. Curious about peoples experiences !”

Grimes has tweeted in the past about her interest in plastic surgery, saying that it "seems unhealthy" how people in the media try to hide their "body mods" (procedures to modify their body), and she says this makes people feel self-conscious.

"Im also less interested in conventional beauty (I will keep my nose) - but moreso is there anything else that wud look sick?" she tweeted in August.

Well, if she did choose to get a surgery for elf ears, she gets points for honesty.

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