Greta Thunberg Suspected Of Staging Arrest With German Police Officers On Camera At Anti-Coal Climate Protest

Users are now wondering if Greta Thunberg staged her arrest at an anti-coal climate protest after videos showed her smiling, laughing, and posing for photos alongside German police officers.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Greta Thunberg
Getty Twitter/@tviscooluk

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg was detained by German police on Tuesday at an anti-coal climate protest. The 20-year-old was taken into custody following a sit-in protest at a coal mine known as Garzweiler II in the western village of Lützerath. The mine is set to expand, so environmentalists took part in the demonstration to prevent the bulldozing of Lützerath to limit gas emissions.

News reports state that Thunberg was "forcibly removed" by officials, but the behind-the-scenes footage show officers calmly standing – even posing for pictures – with Thunberg. In the clip below, the environmentalist is seen smiling and giggling in front of the camera as a German police officer holds her arm. "The fake arrest of #GretaThunberg," writes @TVISCOOLUK, "All set up for the cameras."

“More theater brought to you by the ‘I’m better than you’ people,'” comments @chiefmuterspaw.

Others have come to Thunberg's defense. "So you don't know what an arrest after a protest looks like," says @DorianSterf. "While dealing with other stuffs, cops may have to wait before taking an arrested person in charge. Meanwhile, it's frequent that journalists take photos."

This is not the first time the activist has come under suspicion of propaganda and staging events. In 2021, Thunberg and other U.S. celebrities were accused by Indian natives of creating propaganda to divide their country. Thunberg accidentally tweeted out a "toolkit" on the platform, which showed instructions on what to tweet and say regarding the Indian farmers' protest on social media. Some of the tips in the document urged activists to suggest online petitions and provided a crash course on organizing campaigns.

The accidental post caused massive outrage, prompting Hindu Front activists to burn pictures of Thunberg, Rihanna, and Meena Harris, Kamala Harris' niece. The Delhi Police Cyber Crime Cell launched an investigation on charges of "sedition and criminal conspiracy against the creators of a 'toolkit' on the country's months-long farm protests, which Thunberg shared."

As per the anti-coal demonstration, the German police later clarified Thunberg was not arrested, stating that she was released after an ID check. The officers confirmed that the other protesters who were detained would not face charges.

Whether or not this was staged, one thing is for certain – the Swedish activist brought attention to the demonstration.

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