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Gifts For Your Single Girl Friends This Galentine's Day

By Ashley Allen·· 1 min read
Galentine's Day

Grab your best gal pal, it's almost Galentine's Day! February 14th is rounding the corner, and I've curated a lovely list of Valentine's Day special goodies for your BFF.

Maggie's Chocolates

Tasty and beautiful these chocolates from Bloomingdale's are amazing for the chocolate-loving gal pal in your life.

Wine Socks

These adorable wine socks from Etsy are the perfect little gift for your wine sipping friend.

Hanky Panky Heartthrob Bralette

Feminine and sexy, this little number is a great gift for your fashionable girl friend.

Love Flip Flops

Spread the Love with these unique LOVE flip flops by MEL.

Sugarfina Rose Bears

For just a little something, these Rose bears are glam and delicious.

Lollia Bubble Bath

Beautiful packaging in a wine bottle and an even more beautiful scent, give your BFF the gift of pampering.


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