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From The Office To Happy Hour: Pieces You Can Rock All Day Long

By Amanda Lauren·· 1 min read

From The Office To Happy Hour: Pieces You Can Rock All Day Long

Going from the office to happy hour can be a fashion challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no reason to change outfits or look overly conservative as you’re knocking back a cocktail or two (or three). You just need a few key versatile pieces. From sweaters and scarves to camis and tanks, here are some great pieces to take you from day to evening.

LSpace Jenna Blazer

LSpace Jenna Blazer from Swirl

I love the Jenna Blazer because it can be worn with trousers or jeans, or even over your favorite slip dress. For happy hour, wear it with cute leather pants. Or if it's still a bit frosty out, consider wearing warm leggings.

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Lani the Label Lilie Bodysuit

Astr the Label - Margo Floral Bodysuit from Swirl

Bright and fun, yet buttoned-up, this bodysuit is perfectly bra-friendly and cut high enough for even the most conservative office. But it will still look perfectly in place at the wildest happy hour. Wear it with pants or a pencil skirt.

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BP Scalloped Satin Cami

BP Scalloped Satin Cami from Nordstrom

Welcome to the best $25 you will ever spend! This cami is perfect under a blazer or sweater because it’s super light and thin. The straps are adjustable, so wear it a little higher during the day and a little lower at night, if you’re so compelled. Available in seven different styles, you might just have to buy them all.

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Christin Off the Shoulder Sweater

Christin Off the Shoulder Sweater from Lilly Pulitzer

Show off your shoulders and nothing else in this bright top. Pair with jeans or black pants. It’s a great piece to transition into spring.

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Cashmere Scarf green

Cashmere Scarf from Jo Smith

Versatile as it is soft, this cashmere scarf should be a wardrobe staple for everyone. You can wear it as a wrap at the office with a cami or lower cut top underneath, and no will know the difference until you take it off at night. Available in 20 different colors, it’s great for cold winter days or just to make anything look a bit more sophisticated. It can also double as a blanket while traveling.

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SoftStretch Smooth Tank Top

SoftStretch Smooth Tank Top from Chantelle

The easiest outfit to go from the office to happy hour is a tank, blazer, and pants. It's impossible to go wrong, and it involves little to no thinking. I’m loving these sexy and affordable tanks from Chantelle. Available in four different colors, they're a classic wardrobe staple you can find endless uses for.

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Niki Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Niki Leather Motorcycle Jacket from Italic

Leave the blazer at your office and swap it out for this classic moto jacket from Italic instead. I’m obsessed with this brand. They manufacture all of their products in the same factories as the top luxury designers but charge far less. This jacket, in particular, was made in the same factory as J Brand and Alexander Wang.

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Varlene Lace Top

Varlene Lace Top from Anne Fontaine

This unlined stretch lace top is fresh off the runway and will turn heads at happy hour. Seriously, if you don’t want compliments and sexy stares, this isn’t the top for you. Wear it under a sweater at the office, and your coworkers will be none the wiser.

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Tank Dress rec room

Tank Dress from Rec Room

This dress should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe because it’s so flattering, comfortable, and versatile. It has the comfort of activewear (it’s made from the same fabric) but it’s appropriate for any occasion. This dress won’t wrinkle, so it’s ideal for business trips or to change into after a morning gym session. Available in red, black, white, mint, and plum, you might want to stock up on a few.

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