Founder And President Of Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Is Caught With A Fake Vaccination Passport

By Gina Florio
·  2 min read
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The last two years have left many of us scratching our heads and wondering how we could possibly have allowed vaccine passports to become a real thing in some areas of the U.S. Americans aren't the only ones looking for a way around arbitrary vaccine requirements.

Out of all the people who will openly trust the coronavirus vaccine, you'd think that the men and women who work at the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine would be first in line. Unfortunately, it seems as though even the people making the jab don't trust it.

President of Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Is Caught with a Fake Vaccination Passport

José María Fernández Sousa-Faro is the founder and president of PharmaMar, a pharmaceutical company that creates and distributes drugs to treat coronavirus. He was recently caught with fake paperwork that stated he was fully vaccinated. According to the police, he changed his vaccine status in the Spanish National Vaccination Registry and likely paid cash for the service. This service operated from September 2021 to January 2022, but it's just one of many services across Europe that provide people the chance to falsify their vaccination status.

Italian police said that the number of people faking their vaccination status increased rapidly at the end of 2021, and there was an incredibly high number of people purchasing a fake card online. Sousa-Faro is just one of several high-profile people who has been caught in the act. Australian tennis athlete Álex de Miñaur and Spanish musician Omar Montes have also been exposed. But these individuals just begin to scratch the surface. More than 2,200 people have been connected to fake vaccine passports, according to a Spanish police operation called Operation Jenner.

The fact that the head of a pharmaceutical company is dodging the vaccine should tell you something about the jab, but the media will only continue to gaslight us and tell you that you're the crazy one for questioning it.