Fitness Influencer Emily Skye Was Praised For Her Bikini Photos—Until She Got "Fit Again" And Lost Her Post-Pregnancy Weight

Emily Skye has grown her Instagram account to over 2.7 million followers, and that's in large part due to her honesty and transparency about her fitness journey and motherhood in general.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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Emily maintains a positive attitude on social media and always encourages women to take care of themselves and develop confidence in their own skin. She recently opened up about how people have reacted to her body over the last year as she has gone through some significant changes.

Fitness Influencer Emily Skye Was Praised for Her Bikini Photos Until She Got "Fit Again"

In an Instagram reel, Emily shared a series of photos and videos of her body during and after pregnancy. While there are many fitness influencers who seemingly "bounced back" after pregnancy and birth fairly quickly, Emily has always been transparent with her followers about her own journey, which was anything but easy.

Emily wrote a few thoughts in the caption about her "bikini body in different forms over the past couple of years." Her son was born in 2020, and she also has a 4-year-old daughter.

"When I was pregnant & postpartum & was carrying a bit of extra 'padding', people used to celebrate the fact I was confident & comfortable enough in my own body to wear a bikini," she wrote. "Now that I’m fit again & have lost what I’d gained during pregnancy, people say things like 'why do you have to wear a bikini?' 'mums shouldn’t show their bodies like this' or 'you love yourself!'. DAMN STRAIGHT I LOVE MYSELF - it took me long enough to!⁣⁣"

"Doesn't society tell us to love ourselves? But if we do we’re told we shouldn’t," she continued. "I love my body in all shapes & sizes & at all stages of my pregnancy & postpartum journey. I’m so grateful for it!"

She says she's the happiest "with the way I am now." Emily is proud of being "strong, fit, healthy," and she loves how she looks today. "I work hard to be this way & it makes me happy," she said.

Emily concludes by reminding everyone that "everybody has a bikini worthy body no matter what shape or size you are." She also wrote about how she wants both of her children to "truly love themselves," and she hopes she can lead by example.