Fans Speculate That Sydney Sweeney Is Engaged After She's Spotted With A Huge Rock On Her Finger

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Sydney Sweeney Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney has gained some major success in her career after season 2 of HBO's hit show "Euphoria." It seems that she also has had some success in her personal life.

You know Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria and White Lotus, and although she may portray a promiscuous teenager in Euphoria, the 24-year-old actress has a pretty stable romantic life. Since 2018 she has been dating Jonathan Davino, 37, a restauranteur and heir to the pizza company Pompei.

Sydney keeps her relationship with Jonathan private. She said once in an interview with C Magazine that she prefers to keep her cards close, even though she is rising up in the Hollywood ranks.

"I never talk about it, but I have a very healthy, very steady personal life," she said. “I’m the one in the comfy sweater at an early dinner at Nobu or Jon & Vinny’s, before the crazy crowd gets there."

Fans Think That Sydney Sweeney Is Secretly Engaged

Sydney's privacy of course only breeds more interest in her personal life. So when she was spotted on February 28 wearing a humongous diamond on the ring finger of her left hand, fans couldn't help but speculate that she is now engaged to Jonathan.

In the paparazzi photos, Sydney is seen talking to a friend in Los Angeles, and as she brings her hand to her face you can see the giant rock on her finger.

She's wearing a light pink hoodie with black leggings, and the blonde hair we're used to seeing is replaced with auburn, reddish locks. Sydney hasn't confirmed the engagement yet but fans are waiting impatiently for her response.

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