Employee At ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Themed Sex Club Details What Happens Behind Closed Doors

SNCTM is a sex club modeled after Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut." Founded in 2013 by a sexually frustrated man named Damon Lawner, the club now hosts some of the most luxurious events, charging anywhere from $12,500 to $50,000 a year for membership fees. Lawner says that the object of his creation "is the eroticism of the human race." 

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Those who opt for the elite Dominus Membership at $50,000 get to experience "white-glove treatment" at SNCTM – meaning all tickets, VIP Tables, and upgrades are completely complimentary. In addition, a Dominus Member has the option to reserve a SNCTM Courtier who will attend to the "needs and comfort" of those who hold the Dominus title. 

Most guests of the luxurious club include actors, athletes, businessmen, and the elite 1%, according to the NY Post. These affluent individuals get to partake in expensive dinners, pool parties, masquerade balls, and orgies. "We intentionally curate the crowd to contain a mixture of different types of guests," one SNCTM rep says. "Homogeneity is boring." The club, of course, has rules: The black-tie dress code must be followed, and cell phones are not allowed. Plus, everything needs to be consensual. And, willing participants have to go through a vetting process after applying in order to join SNCTM.

Guests can enjoy an erotic performance at each event. The setting is often reminiscent of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut: ritualistic, strange, and highly erotic. “When I first attended SNCTM as a guest, I felt like I had walked into a movie set,” says one performer named Jessica. “The energy of the room was electric, and I saw some of the most beautiful people in one room.”

Since becoming a SNCTM member, Jessica has been chained up and dressed as a kitten. She's roleplayed as a "virgin sacrifice, bunny, silver orchid, black swan, sacred deer," and more. "I felt a draw to this world since it was so much more of a safe space to be myself and have expression of my body and thoughts without judgment," she adds. Jessica admits that most guests were warm and open-minded, making it easier for her to connect with them. 

Another performer, Haley Grace, says her gig at SNCTM allows her to "live her sexual fantasies" while getting paid for it. She describes her experiences at the club as "divine." Haley Grace begins most evenings with an ambient dance performance followed by "creative sex scenes" on stage with her partners.

For Jessica, the club is actually a source of empowerment for women. “I think women tend to think the events are seedy,” she said. “Done in the right way, women control all the power in a room and have all the sexual agency – something that is not taught to us in society.” But while social media often glamorizes sex work, the reality is that it can often be dangerous and emotionally draining.

Today, SNCTM holds events in cities like LA and NYC. Each ticket can cost anywhere from $500 to $9,000, but individuals can only gain access to them if they pay the $12,500 annual fee.

The Harsh Reality of Sex Clubs SNCTM Doesn't Want You To Know About

Perhaps SNCTM isn't all that it's cracked up to be. In 2018, one club member – Phuong Tran – got kicked out for allegedly messaging the SNCTM founder's 12-year-old daughter. But Tran claims his feud with founder Damon Lawner was due to SNCTM's hire of an underage performer, as well as another dancer who had STDs. Of course, rich and powerful men have been known to traffick children in elite circles, so the allegations (on both sides) aren't really much of a surprise.

One woman, who went by the name Jane Doe, details her experience of being invited to another sex club in Silicon Valley. She found herself being offered drugs by a man dressed up in a bunny costume. (While Jane Doe does not detail which club she attended, SNCTM is also known to have some of their guests and performers in masks). According to Jane Doe, the founder asked if he could kiss her. Under the influence of drugs, she obliged, but soon felt pressured and uncomfortable.

"I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel really stupid, I’m drugged up because I’d never taken it before, and he knew I’d never taken it," she recalls. Jane Doe tried to escape. "I felt gross because I had participated in making out with him and then he kept trying to find me and I kept trying to run away and hide."

I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel really stupid.

What the SNCTM performers like Jessica and Haley Grace failed to bring up is the power dynamics and oppression that are present in elitist clubs. Rich and powerful men often use their power and wealth to woo vulnerable women. "What’s not O.K. about this scene is that it is so money and power-dominated," says Jane Doe." It’s a problem because it’s an abuse of power. I would never do it again.”

It is so money and power-dominated.

SNCTM has probably left more people hurt than "empowered." Back in 2016, the founder confessed to being "heartbroken" over his decision to choose SNCTM over his family: "If I had stayed in real estate, if I had put on the suit and tie, I would be coming home to this beautiful wife who loved me incredibly deeply and these two beautiful little daughters," Lawner says. "I probably could have built a nice life. I could've done the picket fence. It probably would have been deeply fulfilling. I don't know. Instead, I chose to absolutely follow my dreams. I knew I was going to lose my family. I made a conscious decision. I gave up the only thing I love and care about in this world."

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