Everything You Need To Know About The KKW Beauty X Allison Collab

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KKW beauty and Allison Statter collab
KKW Beauty

Makeup fans rejoice! KKW Beauty has a new launch coming, and it’s inspired by a relationship near and dear to founder Kim Kardashian West’s heart.

The new collab with KKW Beauty features Allison Statter, a lifelong friend of West and a creative genius in her own right.

Here’s the scoop:

Who Is Allison Statter?

You might be thinking, "Cool, a new collab! But who’s Allison Statter?"

Statter is not just a lifelong Angeleno and a staple of West’s Instagram. She’s also a mom and cofounder of powerhouse public relations firm Blended Strategy Group, located in LA, which specifically taps into influencer and celebrity marketing.

Statter is the daughter of a former U.S. Soccer manager and entertainment mogul, so she’s got the business chops for sure. That, combined with her childhood friendship with global influencer and entrepreneur KKW, resulted in the KKW x Allison collaboration, which is slated to be released Friday, August 28 on

West and Statter’s Personal Relationship Turns Professional

Statter revealed that she’s long wanted to do a business-makeup collaboration with her good friend West, but was unsure about where the artistic direction of the collab would go.

For Statter, a working mom on the go, accessibility and ease of use was especially important.

“The goal of this collection is to be very attainable — beautiful makeup for the busy woman, the mom-on-the-go, and even the makeup junkie,” Statter says. “We want to create this collection for everyone, not just for a specific tone, makeup artist, or YouTuber. We genuinely believe that this collection can work for every single person out there.”

KKW x Allison

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

The collection features a six-pan eyeshadow palette (dark browns and glittery mauves for the win!). It also has a three-piece lip bundle with a clear gloss to use alone or as a topcoat alongside a lip crayon (which comes in two juicy, summery shades). It also features a face palette including a highlighter, blush, and bronzer for contour. Although all the items can be purchased individually, you can get the whole collection of six products for $150.

The collection “features versatile and compact glam essentials for the everyday busy woman who wants to take her look on the go,” according to KKW Beauty.

Closing Thoughts

As a top-tier brand with a notable figure at its head, KKW Beauty has had the reputation in the past of being overpriced or overrated. Some have criticized the brand for choosing its shades too flippantly and ignoring inclusivity in its shade range, among other concerns.

This collection, however, almost represents a departure for West’s brand from the overly glam, cash-grabby products of the past to a more down-to-earth, practical approach to makeup for the average woman.

Not to mention that West’s closest childhood friend, a businesswoman and mom herself, played such a huge role in the creation of accessible makeup for working moms — a group of women that’s so often overlooked in the creation and marketing of makeup. Let’s hope other designer brands can take the hint as well. 

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