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Dustin Diamond - Screech In ‘Saved By The Bell' - Dead At 44

By Paula Gallagher·· 1 min read
saved by the bell NBC

Dustin Diamond, who played the nerdy sidekick Samuel "Screech" Powers on the hit NBC sitcom, "Saved by the Bell,” has died of lung cancer at 44.

Diamond was hospitalized in Florida in January after suffering pain throughout his whole body. He was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma (lung cancer). He started chemotherapy and completed his first round just a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Diamond’s condition greatly declined beginning last week, and “he was taken off of breathing machines in an attempt to get him to hospice care.”

Diamond died Monday morning, with his girlfriend by his side.


Dustin Diamond had been passed over for Peacock’s reboot of “Saved by the Bell.” In January 2020, Diamond told TMZ he didn’t know why exactly, but he argued that the entire original cast should be signed for the reboot.


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