Dove Soap Bashes 'The Whale' For Using A Fat Suit Instead Of Hiring An Obese Man: "Our Identity Is Not Your Costume"

By Nicole Dominique
·  3 min read
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Dove Soap and Twitter users are slamming Brendan Fraser's "The Whale" for using a fat suit instead of hiring an obese man to play the role. You've heard that right – Dove, whose parent company has been linked to child labor and has faced several lawsuits, is apparently now preaching about "fat appropriation."

Dove and Twitter users are now bashing The Whale for using a fat suit instead of hiring an obese actor to play a 660lb recluse character. Brendan Fraser, who plays Charlie, recently earned an Oscar for his role in the 2022 motion picture. The actor wore a 330lb fat suit while filming the movie, stating that it made him appreciate how "physically and emotionally" strong extremely obese people are.

The Whale also won an Academy Award for Best Makeup, prompting outrage from viewers. Users took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film's recent win – and Dove is there to back them. "So disappointing that The Whale won the Oscar for best hair and makeup," tweets @KBHeylen. "Fat suits are harmful - they are not your opportunity to win awards. Our identity is not your costume. Cast fat actors to play fat characters."

Dove, who likely saw the opportunity to garner some traction and make some sales, responded, "Stop giving fat suits awards. We want better representation in Hollywood. #LetsChangeBeauty."

Others have echoed these sentiments as well. @thefatdoctoruk writes, "Once again, just a reminder that the Whale was written by, directed by, and produced by 4 thin white rich able bodied cisgender men. Oh, and check out its 'fat' star who was celebrated and honoured at the Oscars last night. What a f*cking joke."

The fat doctor continues, "The point I'm trying to make here is that other oppressed minorities have made it clear that it is NOT OK for the white wealthy elite to write/direct/star in movies about them. This should apply to fat ppl too as we are an oppressed minority. This film also won best make up/hair."

Interesting how Dove feels they can take the high ground when their head company – Unilever – has been linked to child labor in the past. According to human rights organization Amnesty International, an agricultural commodities group based in Singapore was allegedly associated with 9 companies, including Unilever and Kellogg's. In addition, a report published by the India Committee of the Netherlands said Unilever purchased cotton seeds from farmers who pay kids to work in hazardous conditions.

According to their findings, 90% of their labor in the Indian cotton seed industry was done by 450,000 children as young as six, with most of them being girls. They alleged, "These girls work long days, are paid very little, are deprived of an education and are exposed for long periods to dangerous agricultural chemicals."

Unilever has denied these claims, but in 2021, a class action lawsuit was filed against Dove for allegedly containing ingredients that triggered skin reactions. “[Unilever] misrepresented the products through affirmative statements, half-truths, and omissions,” the lawsuit states. “[It] sold more of the product and at a higher price than it would have in absence of this misconduct, resulting in additional profits at the expense of consumers.”

Let's not forget that Unilever owns some of the most well-known food brands. Fighting for "fat positivity" brings in more customers, both for Dove and the rest of their popular processed items, including condiments, cereals, ice cream, and juices. The fact of the matter is virtue signaling brings consumers, and these large companies likely don't care about people's health or well-being as much as they claim.

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