Don’t Gain The Covid 19! Try These Free Home Fitness Streaming Options Instead

By Amanda Lauren
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Let’s get real— social distancing is a challenge to our physical and mental health. An easy way to combat this is to move our bodies every single day. While this is a financially challenging time for most people, know you don’t have to spend a penny on at-home workouts.

From free trials to daily steaming options on social media, here are 16 free or low-cost options to get you through the quarantine. 



Available for AppleTv, AndroidTV, and other platforms, Physique57 is an incredibly challenging barre workout with studios in New York City and Westport, as well as internationally. They currently have a free trial of their on-demand program with over 100 videos to choose from, in addition to Instagram Live workouts multiple times per day. 

The Bar Method

If you’re already a member of The Bar Method, transitioning to their online platform is a no-brainer. They’re offering a free two-week trial, which features a mix of classes from 15 minutes to one hour. In addition to that, many individual studios have classes on Instagram live and IGTV.


Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is a studio in New York with ballet-inspired workouts. Their library has more than 300 streaming videos in a variety of categories including Pre-Natal, Mat & Toning, Supermodel, and Cardio & Standing. The first month costs only $16.99. 

Amanda Kloots

Amanda Kloots is a bi-coastal fitness instructor who streams videos online with unlimited streaming per video at various price points. Choose from Rope Toning, Rope Cardio, Live Dance, and quite a few prenatal options. 

The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society has a free two-week trial of its 4-Week streaming program. This dance, cardio, and sculpting workout is a favorite of influencers including Hunter McGrady, Hannah Bronfman, and Elsa Hosk.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is one of the hottest studios with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons, with devotees including Jennifer Lopez (hello Superbowl body) and Gwyneth Paltrow. It delivers real results with a free two-week membership to their online studio. There is new content each week, as well as the option to add in leg weights. Classes are with Tracy and her master trainers. 



P.Volve is generously giving a free month of streaming access with promo code ONEPVOLVE for all new members. With more than 200 videos on demand, as well as free live content on their YouTube channel and Instagram three times a day— there’s plenty of content to get you through. 


AKT is an intense dance meets strength-training program. Try it for yourself on the AKT GO Facebook Page. The website has a paid plan with various custom options available including nutrition consultations. Start with a free trial of AKT On Demand.


If Platefit sounds familiar, it’s because the studio was featured on MTV’s The Hills revival. I'm a member, and I love their short and intense workouts. I also really miss it, and it’s been just a week and a half! While their studio workouts are performed on PowerPlates, they have free workouts you can watch on their IGTV and IG live every day that can be done on any surface.


CorePower Yoga

Many people I know swear by CorePower Yoga. This hot (literally and figuratively) yoga studio, which has hundreds of locations, has free streaming classes each day at 8 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm MT, on their YouTube channel. Just turn up the heat in your house or apartment to get the full experience. There’s also a free trial of their yoga on-demand program. 


Pilates Anytime

If you’re missing your favorite Pilates classes, know you don’t need a reformer to practice. Pilates Anytime has a free 15-day trial with access to over 3,400 streaming videos. Choose from beginner to advanced levels with mat classes, as well as options to use small props, if you have them at home. Get the best experience possible with their AppleTv and Roku app. 



You want to sweat hardcore? A fave of Busy Phillips, LEK Fit has a free trial of their streaming program. This is a challenging HIIT workout that combines cardio and dance moves to get you into top shape while you’re socially distancing. Surprise everyone with how fit you are when the quarantine is over. 


Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand is of the most popular fitness programs out there with every kind of class you can imagine. They also have cooking classes with Autumn Calabrese, who I’ve met personally and can gladly confirm she’s the real deal. Beachbody has a free trial but it’s also the most affordable game in town, as low as $99 per year. With more than 1,100 videos and an app available for every kind of smart television (so you aren’t stuck with a tiny screen), it’s a great way to do everything from just moving your body to a complete lifestyle overhaul. 

Ridge Davis

A Master Instructor at The Wall in Los Angeles, Ridge Davis has free classes every day on IG Live including lower body, upper body, abs and more. If you need something extra intense, but still fun, don’t miss his workouts!

A Sweat Life

Full disclosure, I also write for A Sweat Life, which is a fitness and lifestyle website. Based in Chicago, they have free workouts every day through Facebook Live from some of the area’s best instructors, including Bettina Gozo. In addition to fitness classes like HIIT and barre, they have wellness options like Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation.  



More disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for LiveKick, but now, more than ever, I’m super into it. LiveKick lets you exercise with one of their yoga instructors or trainers one-on-one through their app, website, Facetime, or Zoom. They’ve even added a lot of new live group classes. If you’re using the quarantine to get fit for the first time, you prefer working out with a trainer, or you’re recovering from an injury (which I am), Livekick feels like a lifesaver. They have a free two-week trial. 

Closing Thoughts

Use this extra time to get the body you want and to feel good (well, as good as you possibly can) instead of gaining the Covid 19. 

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