Demi-Leigh Tebow's Newest Brand, Purposeful People, Champions Businesses Who Are Changing The Lives Of Many People—Here's How You Can Partner With Them

Demi-Leigh deservingly won the title of Miss Universe in 2017, becoming the second winner from South Africa. But her beauty isn't just surface-level; the model's incredible allure is an amalgamation of her entire being – her generosity, authenticity, and her love for God and others. Now, she's spreading this positivity through her latest creation: Purposeful People.

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There wasn’t one specific moment that inspired Demi-Leigh Tebow to create Purpose People – it was a collection of powerful events that occurred throughout her life that really led up to its formation. The model and philanthropist always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Her parents, who were both big inspirations for the small-town girl from South Africa, had their own businesses as well. And, the beauty queen also majored in entrepreneurial studies! But there was one catalyst that truly solidified Demi-Leigh's desire to become a business owner, an event that awakened her soul to help her create the brand that would change the lives of many people. 

Demi-Leigh’s Alarming Confrontation Inspired Her to Help Others

“What happened during my Miss South Africa Reign was the catalyst to opening my eyes with a deeper purpose,” she tells me. “I experienced an attempted carjacking in South Africa that, thankfully, I was able to escape from. And that started my journey of learning and educating myself on the issue of violence against women and children all over the world.” 

For Demi-Leigh, the most disturbing part of the terrifying encounter she faced wasn’t being held captive at gunpoint. It wasn’t almost being kidnapped either. It was running for her life through a busy thoroughfare, knocking on nearly 40 windows while her cries for help were ignored. It was this experience that transformed Demi-Leigh. And because of it, she educated herself on the matters of violence against women, and children, sex trafficking, and slave labor – affairs that are very well present in our world today. 

Demi-Leigh’s deep-rooted desire to start her own company and the life-altering moment she had to go through helped shape Purposeful People into the amazing business it is today. “It was a natural progression for me to be so passionate about business,” Demi-Leigh says, “while also advocating and fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves, and that sparked the idea of championing brands that choose to do both.” Purposeful People focuses on "championing" brands that are passionate about making positive changes in the world while providing high-quality services and products.

Throughout Purposeful People’s journey, Demi-Leigh has learned about the many brands that consciously choose to provide services in an impactful and positive manner, while also selling unique products! She believes that if more companies and brands could conduct their businesses in the same manner, a ripple effect would start – one that would lead to massive changes in our world. “I also truly believe if we all started educating ourselves on these issues,” she adds, “slave labor being only one of them, we would start shopping more consciously too!” 

Demi-Leigh explains that companies are not the ones who hold the power – the consumers do. So, if people would focus more on conscious shopping, rather than unknowingly supporting the brands that thrive off of unfair wages or horrible labor practices, then others will be freed. “How cool is it that we can make a positive impact just by choosing to shop brands like the ones we’re highlighting through Purposeful People?!” says Demi-Leigh.

The Products Purposeful People Offers 

When Demi-Leigh and her team began Purposeful People, they decided that their top priority was to focus more on telling meaningful, life-changing stories, and less on the goods they’re selling. “When we began Purposeful People, we decided it was more about telling the stories of impact and less about selling products,” she explains. “But what’s been so amazing about all our partners so far is that they have produced really cool, high-quality products, giving their employees integrity and pride in their work, while also giving us great reasons to shop!” So far, Purposeful People has partnered with brands in the bath and candle space, as well as fashion, apparel, home, and lifestyle. The list doesn’t end here, though. There will be more to come and they will all be sourced and made ethically! 

Demi-Leigh hopes to partner with other business owners whose goals and passions are in alignment with Purposeful People in the near future: “We’re open to any types of products as long as they are sourced ethically, manufactured ethically, and make a positive impact,” she says. “I love the style, fashion, home décor, and self-care products, but brands in any industry can apply to be a Purposeful People Partner. If you’re a purpose-driven brand, I’d love to hear from you!”

Who Does Purposeful People Want to Work With?

For partnerships, Demi-Leigh has three non-negotiables: “ethically sourced, ethically manufactured, and positive impact.” Companies that adhere to all of these practices are exactly the kinds of brands that Demi-Leigh wants to work with, they're the ones who provide hope by helping those who otherwise may be at a disadvantage. “When brands are serious about ethical and purposeful business, including fair trade, fair wages, clean products, or fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, I immediately perk up,” she says. “I want to highlight the stories of the impact, the jobs that are created, the healing that takes place, the child who is given hope.” 

Purposeful People's first-ever partner, Ithemba, is currently creating jobs for over 80 artisans in Africa. “Through this global eCommerce platform, men and women can provide for their families and send their children to school, changing the trajectory of their lives for the better,” she explains. Ithemba's mission is to give a portion of their proceeds each month to one of their partners and their causes. Their products are sourced ethically from artisans located in Southern Africa. They also proudly embrace and celebrate their African heritage, showing off their unique, hand-made products that have been passed down for generations. 

Another one of Purposeful People’s partners, Freedom Studios, works with local nonprofits that hire human trafficking survivors who want to make a new life for themselves. “Oftentimes, it may take a survivor 5 to 8 attempts before truly being free, because they can’t find meaningful employment,” Demi-Leigh says. “Freedom Studios makes high-quality products while changing lives at the same time!” Through sharing these stories, Demi-Leigh hopes that people will be inspired to make an impact and shop her brands. “I want to partner with brands that are not only focused on profit, but also on people!” she adds.

Purposeful People Spotlights Brands – Here’s How It Works!

Demi-Leigh showcases a new Purposeful People Partner as her “Brand of the Month” on a monthly basis. Brands that are focused on making the world a better place have the potential to be championed by Purposeful People! If a potential partner adheres to the non-negotiables, Demi-Leigh’s team will reach out. “From that point, we create a month-long content plan that highlights the brand on my social media channels.”

In addition, Demi-Leigh also participates in an Instagram Live Q&A along with the brand’s founder. She writes blog posts on her website that then go out to all of her subscribers. “The point of all of this is to spotlight and champion brands that chose to use their business for a deeper purpose," she explains. “I want to encourage people to shop more consciously, while also maybe inspiring other brands to do business with a greater purpose in mind too!”

A Deeper Dive Into Purposeful People’s Challenges

As with any journey, challenges may come up along the way. Demi-Leigh found that the process of proving products are ethically sourced or manufactured was a difficult task, especially when it has undergone many layers of production.

Something else that Demi-Leigh has had to work on is her messages on conscious shopping. “One thing I really didn’t want to do was shame people for their shopping habits,” she says. “I know there are so many options out there, easier and faster choices, budget concerns, etcetera. I think we can all relate to why those are convenient!” Demi-Leigh’s goal is to encourage and educate her followers to raise their awareness of their purchasing habits in a kind but influential manner. “I want people to know they have the power to make an impact, even with small steps they can take, by learning more about the negative impact of fast fashion, the harsh treatment of employees or slave labor practices, and other issues happening in production so that when we can, we can choose to shop brands that are ethical," she adds. "We can literally shop our way to creating a ripple effect of goodness!"

Demi-Leigh’s Last Advice For Women Who Want to Make a Change 

I asked Demi-Leigh what advice she would give to women who want to make a positive change in the world, and who may not have the biggest following or presence. To Miss Universe, these things don't matter – anyone can make a difference.I get the privilege of speaking at events or organizations around the world, and one message I always convey to my audience is that we all can make a positive impact if we’re willing to use what we’ve got, where we’re standing right now," she tells Evie. "You don’t need a large following, a big company, or a large budget to do good in the world.” Demi-Leigh truly believes that you can make small choices every day to help others. One way to do so is to shop more consciously. “When we choose to do this, even when it’s not easy (I get it!), we can make a direct impact on a family, on a person in need, on people.” 

"It’s not about having a platform, but about your willingness to try to love people a little harder every day! Don’t be scared to start because you’re fearful that you won’t have a large or extravagant impact," she continues, "I firmly believe that each and every one of us have talents and resources that can contribute to a larger purpose. Remember, even the smallest seed can grow into a 100-year-old oak tree! My Purposeful People Partners are great examples of this. They started their businesses from the ground up with a willingness to love and support others. I’m honored to work with them, and so excited to continue supporting brands like this through Purposeful People."

Closing Thoughts

Does your business focus on ethics and helping others? Think you and Purposeful People are a good fit? Submit an application on Demi's website here so you can help create a positive impact in the world!

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