Damar Hamlin Makes A Public Appearance Without Showing His Face, And Tweets A Cryptic Message That Says "Clone"

Damar Hamlin paid a special visit to his team's locker room on Sunday afternoon ahead of the Bills' Divisional Round game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The athlete was spotted in a ski mask and glasses, fueling speculation that a body double was used.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin finally made a public appearance three weeks after going into cardiac arrest on the field. His team took to Twitter and Instagram to share footage of Hamlin arriving at the locker room with the caption, "Welcome home, Damar." 

The athlete did not show his face or speak with the press. In the clip below, Hamlin is seen wearing a coat, sunglasses, and a mask as he arrived in a golf cart – fueling theories that it's not actually him. "Why arent they showing his face? Remember when he was in the hospital it was all hearts & IG live... there is clearly a full on camera man there!" wrote @ItsRebekahStar.

"This is uncanny. If we don’t see live, verifiable images of him in the immediate future, something grim is going on," added @CAB_Author. "Either that or he has the Pfizer smile and they’re waiting for the palsy to wear off." This user is referring to the adverse side effects such as stroke and heart problems associated with the mRNA vaccine.

"BREAKING — Damar Hamlin had a sudden cardiac arrest on the football field. The details of his injury remain mysterious. Now when Damar is in public he won’t show his face. What’s really going on?" asked @healthbyjames on Twitter.

While the videos that have circulated on social media don't show Hamlin's face, the 24-year-old actually posted a photo of himself standing beside his mural on Instagram just a day ago. His face still isn't clear, but his mask was down this time.

However, Hamlin's cryptic post on Twitter only fueled more theories. He tweeted the word "Clone," which was followed by a ninja emoji. It's likely he caught wind of the comments surrounding his recent appearance and decided to poke fun at his audience.

"Just show your face to shut the rumors down," said one comment by @SeanDutton1111.

TMZ has reached out to Hamlin's close sources, who apparently denied the allegations, but it looks like no one can get a hold of the athlete. Bills center Mitch Morse had an explanation for Hamlin's public appearance, stating that he's not exactly the type to make a huge scene. "Just his presence I think speaks volumes," Morse was quoted to have said. "He's not a big rah-rah guy, and I'm sure that at some point he's a little bit exhausted of people asking how he's doing or put in a position that he didn't ask to be put in. His presence alone, his smile, his positive energy, which he's always had, always interjects energy and good vibes with the group."

On January 2, 2023, Hamlin tackled a Bengals receiver and collapsed shortly after the impact. The receiver's shoulder appeared to have collided with Hamlin's chest, causing a rare phenomenon known as "commotio cordis," according to cardiologists. Though Hamlin seems to be doing well, a family spokesman has stated that he still faces a lengthy recovery. "Damar still requires oxygen and is having his heart monitored regularly to ensure there are no setbacks or aftereffects," Jordan Rooney informed The Associated Press. 

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