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Conservative MP Michelle Garner Was Shamed For Wearing A Beautiful Dress In Parliament

By Paula Gallagher·· 2 min read
michelle rempel garner

I think we all know that Twitter is the place we go to lose faith in humanity, but really, I think it’s sunk to a new level. People are genuinely arguing over what a Canadian Member of Parliament wore to work.

MP Michelle Rempel Garner wore a classy, white, sleeveless dress to a sitting of the House of Commons, and somehow sparked a debate on Twitter — not over her policies (because, you know, she’s a politician) — but over her wardrobe choice.

Apparently, some people thought her dress was “totally unprofessional attire for a politician,” even though there isn’t an official dress code for Parliament. It only requires members to dress in “contemporary business attire.”

I don’t know about you, but that dress looks like “contemporary business attire” to me. And it’s a step up from the pantsuit. And you know what? Garner dressed up for an important meeting. If anything, her wardrobe choice indicates her understanding of the significance of her job and her respect for her position. 

What has the MP said about this (frankly ridiculous) situation? Garner said, “I don’t typically respond to stuff like this because it happens all the time. I’m tired of it. I’m an economist. I’ve been a member of Cabinet...I have a great CV. And instead of talking about issues for my constituents, which is what I get paid to do, I’m here talking about what I thought was a banging dress.”

But all the trash talk hasn’t made her want to throw out the dress. In fact, she has purchased it in two other colors.

Like her dress? You can get it on Amazon. Maybe other professional women should start a support club. Like instead of “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” it’s “On days we have important meetings, we dress professionally.”


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