Comfy And Stylish Pajamas For The Lounging Fashionista

By Ashley Allen
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Comfy And Stylish Pajamas For The Lounging Fashionista

Winter is a time for cocoa, cuddles, and comfies. A season that urges you to stay in your cute sweat pants, UGGS, and matchy-matchy pajamas. Here's a list of the season's most comfortable and stylish must-haves.

silky jungle print pj revolve

The Silky Jungle Print PJ

Reminiscent of the wallpaper of The Beverly Hills Hotel and on trend for the animal print fad that is happening right now, this to die for silk matching pajama set by Plush is perfect for the glam gal. Add a black furry slipper, and you'll have a fashion-forward nightie. Revolve, $136.

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harbor long sleeve pj set revolve

Harbor Long Sleeve PJ Set

For the comfortable, simple girl, this dolled-up sweatsuit by Flora Niukrooz is practical and an adorable take on your worn-in sweats. Great for lounging around the house or even a grocery store run, I love this look for winter. Revolve, $88.

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buffalo plaid pj set revolve

Ultra Soft Buffalo Plaid PJ Set 

If you're anything like me, my heater is cranked all the way up, which can cause me to get a little too warm at night. I love this buffalo plaid pajama set just for that reason. It's warm yet can provide some air. With an on-trend winter print, it's a win this season, especially with a classic UGG boot. Revolve, $119.

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long romper revolve

Long Romper

Go from sleeping to lounging in style with this chic romper. Girlfriends coming over for brunch? Just add a fuzzy cardigan and you're dressed! Revolve, $68.

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draper kimono pj revolve

The Draper Kimono PJ Robe

A kimono robe is an absolute must this season. It's a chic alternative to a robe, and it will make even those mismatched pajamas look great. Your closet has to host one as it's cozy and bohemian cute!

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