A British Charity Claims 74% Of Dogs Are Suffering From Depression, And It's Probably Because You Went Back To Work

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Dog depression

If you have a dog, they're probably part of the family just as much as anyone else. A British charity called Guide Dogs is trying to raise awareness about your furry family member's likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety.

According to Guide Dogs, 74% of the 8.8 million dogs in Britain are dealing with depression and anxiety. It's being identified as a canine mental health crisis that has been exacerbated greatly by the significant changes in our lifestyle that we have experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dogs Are Allegedly Depressed Because of All the Lifestyle Changes

When the world was first locked down, everyone was forced to work from home (or worse, lose their job entirely). Naturally this meant that we got more time with our family members, including our pets. But dogs got used to all the time they had with us, so when millions of people gradually went back to the office life over the last several months, our furry companions found it hard to adjust. Other lifestyle factors that can spark depression are divorce, moving to a new home, children or roommates leaving the home, etc.

How do you know your dog is depressed? Apparently, the symptoms are loss of appetite, destructive behavior, low activity levels, loss of interest in things they once loved, and nonstop barking. And it's going to take more than a few walks a day to get them feeling better.

“It’s outdated to think that dogs just need a walk or two a day to be content,” Dr. Helen Whiteside, chief scientific officer at Guide Dogs, said. “Without different forms of mental stimulation, dogs can begin to show signs of behavioral issues, such as anxiety and frustration.”

If you suspect that your doggie is depressed, it's recommended to do a mental workout with them, such as scentwork rewarded by treats or puzzles where they have to figure out how to get their reward. These are much more engaging and effective than simply taking them for a run or a walk.

In a world where people throw birthday parties for their dogs, include them in holiday family photos, and create an entire Instagram account for them, it's not surprising that we have now arrived at the point where we are diagnosing our pups with depression and anxiety. But hey, at least it will give you another reason to go outside with your dog and spend time in the sun.

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