Beyond Meat COO Arrested For Allegedly Biting A Man's Nose After A College Football Game

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The vegan brand Beyond Meat has risen in popularity lately as public health organizations and "experts" try to convince people that animal products like red meat and eggs are unhealthy. The COO of Beyond Meat has just been arrested for allegedly biting a man's nose.

The vegan diet has been pushed on us from all angles, whether a public health organization or a celebrity recommends it. In the meantime, Americans are unhealthier than ever and no matter how many times we're told that heart disease is caused by steak, overwhelming research points to sugar and heavily processed oils that are resulting in serious health issues for millions of Americans. Beyond Meat is a vegan brand that promises to deliver healthy meatless options for the everyday person but they've been criticized for producing processed foods that aren't healthier than high-quality animal products.

Beyond Meat COO Arrested for Allegedly Biting a Man's Nose After a College Football Game

A strange story has emerged from Arkansas involving a Beyond Meat executive, COO Doug Ramsey. Allegedly, Ramsey attacked a man in a parking garage after a college football game and bit his nose out of rage. The incident took place near Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville after a University of Arkansas football game.

Ramsey, 53, reportedly punched through the rear windshield of someone's Subaru after the car made contact with his front tire. This is when the Subaru driver got out of his car and Ramsey also exited his vehicle. It turned into a physical altercation in which Ramsey started punching the man, biting his nose, and "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose." The report also said that Ramsey threatened to kill the man.

Ramsey has been arrested and is charged with terroristic threatening and third-degree battery. He was held in the Washington County jail from Saturday evening to Sunday, when he was released.

Prior to working for Beyond Meat, Ramsey was at Tyson Foods for three decades, overseeing its poultry and McDonald's business.

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