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Bath And Body Works’ Christmas Collection Is Now Available, And Their Candles Are On Sale Today!

By Paula Gallagher·· 1 min read
Bath and Body Works Holiday Collection 2020
Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works just released their holiday collection, and with over 400 products, you’re sure to find something special to celebrate this holiday season.

Their new scent this year is “You’re The One,” and it’s available in nearly every kind of product. The new scent is a blend of rose, winter woods, and strawberry nectar, for a scent that’s floral, fresh, and sweet.

Traditional holiday favorites, like Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, Twisted Peppermint, Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread Latte, and Snowy Peach Berry, are available again this year.

Plus, Bath and Body Works has 38 different holiday scents in their famous 3-wick candles to meet all your hygge needs this winter. If you’re ready to fill your home with candlelight, their single-wick candles are majorly on sale today (on the website only)! 

Seasonal body care and candle products are a great way to nourish our skin and set the tone in our homes for a relaxing holiday season. And Bath and Body Works’ holiday collection won’t disappoint!


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