Available Now: These High-Waisted Bikinis Are Bringing The Summer Feels

      By Lillian Fallon·· 2 min read

      Finding the right bathing suit is never an easy task. With so many options, it’s hard to decide between the classic one piece and the modern bikini. But what if you didn’t have to choose?

      The high-waisted bikini has been gaining popularity since last summer and now the majority of swimsuit brands carry this flattering style. With the same coverage of a one piece and the expressiveness of a two piece, the high-waisted bikini gives you the best of both worlds.

      With so many adorable cuts, prints, patterns, and colors available, the hardest part of swimsuit shopping is picking which one to bring home with you. To save you from endlessly scouring the internet, we’ve rounded up the cutest styles so you can get to the pool ASAP.



      Our eyes are still watering over this rainbow bright batch. Nothing says summer quite like some punchy colors that express just how excited you are for the season. From cool abstract prints, to funky color blocking, stripes, and more, these suits are sure to garner lots of compliments.


      We have the sneaking suspicion that you won’t want to take this suit off, so throw on a fun high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts to make it a cute street style look for when you hit up the boardwalk! I love these swimsuits from Anthropoligie.



      The high-waisted bikini first became popular in the 1950s and most styles back then came in fun prints like polka dots, checkers, stripes, leopard, and floral. Today, many high-waisted bikinis pay tribute to the suits of the past with retro prints. Who wouldn’t want to channel their favorite Hollywood icons while lounging poolside?


      But if you’re ready for a modern twist on this classic look, consider mixing prints or colors. If you have a checkered top, try wearing a floral bottom. If you have a blue striped top, try a red striped bottom. The pairing options are endless! Check out these two from Anthropoligie and JCrew.



      For those who love feminine styles and trendy details, you’ll feel right at home in a ruffled two piece. These styles are perfect if you’re the type who wants to make a fashion statement with your swimwear. The ruffles offer a blouse-like appeal, immediately making your beachy ensemble look more like an outfit you carefully picked out. Bathing suits with ruffle details are also very flattering because they offer an hourglass silhouette by balancing the volume of your hips with a ruffled bust.



      If the ruffle style is totally not your speed, you may prefer a more sporty or simple look. If you’re more likely to grab a surfboard at the beach or yell “cannon ball!” at the pool, a sturdier, frills-free suit will serve you best. So forget worrying about your bikini top floating away after you show off your diving skills and choose a top that doesn’t have a plunging neckline or any ties. If you’re really worried, an asymmetrical style will definitely keep you covered. Even if you’re not super sporty, you may simply prefer a more classic style without any prints or fancy cuts. Whatever floats your boat, you’re sure to look great either way.

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