Artist Creates 'Rugrats' Characters As Adults With Kids, But Some People Were Upset When They Noticed One Rugrat Was Drawn As A Single Mom

By Nicole Dominique
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The television show "Rugrats" reveals the world from babies' point of view, so an artist decided to recreate the famous characters as adults instead. But some users were surprised to see a depiction of Susie Carmichael as a single mom.

Rugrats, the popular animated series about babies and their interactions with the world, was released in 1991 and ended in 2004. The show won several awards throughout the years, becoming a fan-favorite among young children. 

One artist – who goes by “Bearmations” on Deviant Art – decided to make illustrations of the Rugrats characters as adults with children. The family depictions are charming, but some of the Twitter audience was not impressed. The images were uploaded by one account on the platform, garnering nearly four million views – but not for the reasons you may think. "This so trifling 😂😂😂," wrote @AuntiesBlocc on Twitter, who shared the drawings of the popular characters Chuckie, Lil, Angelica, Harold, Susie, Tommy, and Kimi.  

Users noticed that a Rugrats character named Susie Carmichael, who is African-American, was presented as a single mom with two kids. "Now why Susie the only single mom 😒," said one comment. Many posted pictures of memes to show their disappointment over the image. 

"Nah can we talk about the fact that they made susie a single mom..... and shes black..." said @DareYouToBeMe.

One account saw Susie's role as a single parent in a more positive light. "Everyone is saying 'why's Susie the single mom' as if single motherhood is something to be stigmatized,” said @DylanIsWriting. “More likely Susie realized no man is up to her standards and she's living a fulfilling independent life raising two kids she had via IVF on her six-figure." 

While some people may be upset at Bearmations’ and his Rugrats fan art, it seems that he meant well and had good intentions. The artist actually explained his reasoning for drawing Susie as a single mom-of-two in his description. "So originally I was going to have it where Susie was married to a new character who was a sports star of some kind (Which is why Jamie appears to be wearing a jersey), but instead I thought, ‘Wouldn't it be interesting and more dynamic if Susie were a single mom?’” he wrote.

He continued, “She would definitely be strong-willed enough to be so. Susie is a doctor and works hard to support her small family. She is divorced from her ex-husband (Who shall remain nameless). Her kids are twins named Shauna and Jamie. Shauna bears a striking resemblance to her mother, and like the latter, is the Rugrat with the highest sense of morality and maturity for her age. Jamie on the other hand is gross and a little mischievous acting as a foil to his sister. As a result, the pair tend to argue frequently as siblings do, but Susie knows how to keep them in check.”

“At first I wasn't sure if Susie should be divorced or a widow,” he added, “but we have enough dead parents in Rugrats in my opinion, so I went with the former.” 

As you can see, Bearmations saw Susie as a strong-willed and mature woman, which influenced him to draw her as a single mother.

An update for this developing story has been posted here.

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