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A Holiday Gift-Guide For The Man In Your Life

By Keelia Clarkson·· 5 min read
A Holiday Gift-Guide For The Man In Your Life

Having a hard time finding the perfect present for your guy? Look no further!

Can you believe it’s already December? Somehow, we’re in the midst of the holiday season, when it seems like just yesterday, it was the middle of July. Alas, this year, Christmas is coming much sooner for many of us than anticipated — and thus, the frenzy of picking out the perfect presents for our loved ones ensues.

But if you’re anything like me, the responsibility of finding awe-inspiring gifts triggers your fight-or-flight response. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a great gift-giver, often relying on heavy-handed hints from my intended recipients in order to figure out what to get them. It’s not that I don’t care about gifts, it’s that I really want my gift to be something they’d actually want, not a throwaway present. And with boyfriends and husbands, it can be even trickier to find a good gift — at least with many women, a pair of earrings will do.

And this year, the pressure to knock it out of the park is even greater; many of us won’t be seeing our extended families for the holidays, making our presents for our guy even more important. So what’s a girl to do? Well, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best gifts to get your man, based on the type of guy he is.

For the Literature Lover

Got a bookworm on your hands? While yet another novel is an understandable pick, it’s a bit obvious. Instead, if it’s in the budget, he might enjoy a Kindle, which would keep him from having to lug heavy books everywhere — and if you want to go all out, he’ll love one of these beautiful, classic literature-themed Kindle covers

But if he’s more of a physical book person, he’ll adore this book lovers scented candle, perfect for smelling and creating the perfect reading atmosphere.

And for the guy with an enormous book collection, he’ll appreciate some unique bookends to give his library a pop of style. 

But if all else fails, a few new novels will surely hit the spot — and to along with them, you can present him with a book scratch-off poster, featuring 100 of the best classic stories, to help him achieve his reading goals.

For the Man’s Man

This guy will love anything and everything that, simply put, makes him feel like a total man. Help him embrace his masculine side with a gorgeous, stylish beard kit — a win-win, since it’s my firm belief that the majority of men look great with a beard. 

But if that’s not up his alley, he’ll love a whiskey glass kit, complete with reusable stainless steel “ice cubes” to keep a drink refreshing and cold without watering it down. 

And last but not least, the manly man is bound to love this cool wooden pipe kit, perfect for his poker nights with the guys.

For the Adventurer

If you’re got a guy who just can’t sit still, who’s always on the lookout for the next big adventure, he’s going to love a classic Swiss Army knife, all decked out with every tool he could possibly need but with a sleek look. 

If he’s the camping type, he probably needs a heavy-duty backpack to keep his belongings safe while he traipses around.

But for a more put-together look, this weekender bag is sure to fit right in with his lifestyle. 

And to make sure he stays warm, a lined flannel is the perfect way for him to layer in style.

For the Refined Man

For the guy who loves all that’s suave, sophisticated, and refined, a fancy, yet manly cologne will always go over well. One of my personal favorites is Kenneth Cole Mankind Hero, described as a perfect blend of fresh mountain air and black vanilla (trust me, it smells incredible!). 

But if he’s not in need of a new scent, a pair of classy cufflinks will help add an extra touch of style to any suit he puts on. 

And to help him feel even more put-together, a gorgeous watch will do the trick perfectly.

For the (Wannabe) Iron Chef

Got a guy who fancies himself the next Bobby Flay? First of all, lucky you — any gift you get him is bound to benefit you! Like any man with even the slightest interest in cooking, he’ll light up when he unwraps a full set of BBQ grill utensils, perfect for making his grilling dreams come true. 

But if he’s already stocked up on those, a personalized bamboo cutting board will add a nice touch to the kitchen.

Or if you want to get fancy, this gorgeous, personalized charcuterie board will do the trick. 

But perhaps the coolest gift of all? A home beer-brewing kit — perfect for the guy who likes a cold beer once in a while.

For the Music Enthusiast

Is your guy a total music nerd, constantly showing you new bands he’s found, or filling you in on countless details about music history? He’d definitely appreciate these beautiful, vintage music-themed prints of a record player and headphones.

Or maybe even a custom-made wood carving of his favorite song’s soundwaves (that is, if it’s in the budget!). 

But if wall decor isn’t an option, every music lover needs a trusty bluetooth speaker, especially one that looks like a vintage camera, which is sure to add some spark and personality to whatever space it's in. 

Closing Thoughts

Christmas shopping can be terribly stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be! Finding the perfect gift for our guy can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it helps make him feel special to us.


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