Mystery Is Sexy: 6 Modest Fashion Looks To Try

By Maja Ali
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Modesty gets a bit of a bum rap. Words like prude are often used interchangeably with it, and the top fast fashion brands crowned with millions of followers online seem to follow a similar formula when marketing fashion to Millennials: the more you show, the more you're worth.

So it can often feel like there isn't much room for a woman to communicate anything remotely feminine about herself if she decides to ditch leopard print spandex in favor of a knit sweater. It could feel like while the whole world is evolving, moving forward, you're missing out. Which really sucks. But let me introduce you to the power of mystery.

Modesty Is Mystery, and Mystery Is Sexy.

Mainstream fast fashion brands are definitely sexy, but they miss the mark on mystery. And I think quite a bit of women are starting to catch on to this. Now, a lot more women are more comfortable voicing their desire to retreat back to something more classy, and in some cases, even a little traditional.

Mainstream fast fashion brands are definitely sexy, but they miss the mark on mystery.

Instead of reaching to communicate major sex appeal to the world, these women want to communicate something more. Something that isn't tapped into much in our current culture.

1. Peter Pan Floral Lace Collar Shirt

You can't not love a collar that gives off fairy vibes. The great thing about the Peter Pan collar is its incredible versatility: autumn, winter, and spring are all great seasons to pull this innocent yet sophisticated shirt on.

2. Russian Shawl

Shawls are a great way to conceal while still looking fashionable. Wrapping it around your chest area helps draw attention away from your shape. I've even seen some women rock it wrapped around their hips like they've just stepped out of dance practice. Really, any sort of shawl will do, whether it's a plain pastel color or one embroidered with traditional Slavic designs. 

3. Long Sleeves under a Spaghetti Strap

(As if the cute summer A-line wasn't pretty enough!) You might not feel comfortable with sporting spaghetti straps, and a shawl isn't the only way to get around that. You've seen it done many times before this picture—just layer! Layer tastefully though; it's usually best to keep the undershirt a more muted color and let the top layer do the talking. But fashion is highly subjective—do what compliments you the best!

4. Maxi Dress

What is there to say about this perfect yet obvious choice? The flowy-er the dress, the better!

5. Half Turtleneck

Before you know it, August will wrap itself up, and this type of top looks best in the darker two seasons coming up: autumn and winter. Half turtlenecks are a combination of classy and cute. There's just something so classical and European street style about it.  If the Peter Pan collar seems a little too fairy-like, a half turtleneck is easily the best replacement for a sophisticated, cute top without looking perhaps a little too innocent. 

6. Pastel Blazer

Personally, I love blazers. They're mature and hard to beat as the perfect work outfit. But I understand that many women might feel a little too restricted, serious, or maybe even severe in them. They could feel even a little intimidating. If that's the case, just avoid darker colored blazers. Opt for bright and feminine colors, like Belle-yellow or pastel purple. Rounder shoulder pads help, as well.

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