50 Migrants Found Dead In An 18-Wheeler In San Antonio: "A Horrific Human Tragedy"

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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A horrible tragedy took place in San Antonio, Texas last night, and local authorities are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. It's speculated that this was a migrant-smuggling operation.

Border control has long been an issue for states like Texas, and it's a topic that has garnered more attention than ever in recent years. Last night an 18-wheeler was found near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX that is suspected to contain the remains of the deadliest migrant-smuggling operation.

50 Migrants Found Dead in an 18-Wheeler in San Antonio

San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg hosted a news conference near the scene and announced that the tractor-trailer contained 50 dead individuals. There are 16 more people—12 adults and four children—who are injured and have been taken to local hospitals. All the authorities say that these people were migrants being smuggled into the U.S. Their nationalities are unknown, though.

"This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy," Nirenberg said. Yesterday evening around 6 p.m., police received a call from a worker in the area who reported a cry for help. Law enforcement officials said people were trying to jump out of the truck and there were some deceased individuals who were found along several blocks near the 18-wheeler. They also said many people inside the vehicle had steak seasoning sprinkled on them in order to cover up the smell of humans while smugglers were transporting them.

Charles Hood, the San Antonio fire chief, said the people who were still alive inside the truck didn't have access to any food or water and they were too weak to walk out of the truck by themselves. Although they were suffering from heat exhaustion, he was "very hopeful" that they would survive.

“We’re not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there,” Hood said. “None of us come to work imagining that.”

Federal authorities have taken over the case and report that three people are in custody. Homeland Security Investigations will team up with San Antonio police to lead a criminal investigation into what transpired and who is responsible for this tragedy.

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