3 Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

By Abby Roth
·  5 min read
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There are certain items of clothing that are indispensable in a woman’s closet. A great pair of jeans, for example, is a staple that most women really can’t live without. But there are some pieces of clothing that up your game from just nice to truly feminine – and those are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The reason I bring this up is because it’s easy nowadays to get caught up in what’s comfortable – athleisure in and of itself is considered fashion, so why not lean into it? But having the opportunity to look beautiful is something we as women take for granted. So I suggest having just three items in your wardrobe to reach for on those days when you want to feel feminine and womanly. Just wait and see how easy it is to take your closet from good to great!

1. A Classic Trench Coat

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s? In it, she wears a classic trench coat that I remember seeing and envying as a young woman. Why are trench coats so sexy? For starters, they’re flattering! They belt at the waist, defining the thinnest part of you. And if you decide to wear it open, you can tie it in the back, again defining your shape.

They are also reminiscent of Parisian fashion – and I can’t think of many things that are more feminine than iconic Parisiennes. A beautifully tailored trench coat can be dressed up or dressed down – wear it over a little black dress and heels, and you look slightly more mysterious. Wear it over a pair of jeans and a striped shirt, and you look slightly elevated.

A beautifully tailored trench coat can be dressed up or dressed down.

Lastly, a trench coat is feminine for what may seem like a backwards reason – it’s slightly masculine. In the same way that a man’s button-down shirt can be the sexiest thing on a woman, a slightly masculine coat can look incredibly feminine. I can’t recommend adding a trench coat to your wardrobe enough. You will be feeling feminine (with a slightly masculine edge) in no time.

Check out this classy trench coat from J Crew Factory or this one with sleeve details from Banana Republic.

2. A Midi-skirt

The next thing on the list is the midi-skirt. I always love skirts that hit below the knee because they are so reminiscent of 1940s and '50s fashion. They allow you to show slightly more skin on top because they're covering more on the bottom (a good fashion rule of thumb: either show leg or décolletage, but not both). They also allow you to express your femininity in two ways – by slimming your shape and defining your curves and by feeling twirly in an A-line cut!

Something else I’ve noticed about midi-skirts is how seductive they are. When a woman wears a midi-skirt, there’s mystery there, as opposed to a short skirt that shows skin. Of course, there’s a time and a place for both lengths, but if you’re going for mystery, the midi-skirt is my go-to pick.

Midi-skirts allow you to show slightly more skin on top because they're covering more on the bottom.

Midi-skirts are such a nice addition to your closet, and you can choose whatever silhouette and fabric speaks to you. There are so many different ways to incorporate a longer skirt into your wardrobe, and all of them will add that hint of femininity to your look.

Check out this flowy midi-skirt from Lulus or this fun plaid midi-skirt from Modcloth.

3. A Colorful Pair of Heels

Last but not least is the addition of a pair of colorful heels to your closet. Heels are so feminine, no matter the height – if you’re not comfortable in a tall pair of heels, no worries! A kitten or chunky heel are just fine. But what makes those heels super fun and feminine? A unique color.

Colorful heels act more like a neutral than you might think. You can pair most solid color shoes with most outfits. Throwing on a pair of red heels with jeans and a T-shirt adds that hint of feminine charm that your outfit might otherwise have been lacking. A pair of blue kitten heels with a little black dress will take your look from “Oh” to “Ooh la la!”

Throwing on a pair of red heels with jeans and a T-shirt adds that key hint of feminine charm.

Drawing attention to the feet and ankles is always flattering, and doing so in a pair of shoes that makes you feel confident is a guaranteed recipe for a great look. Black heels are a staple, but a pair of heels in your favorite color is worth the investment.

Check out these tasseled heels in teal from Kohl’s or these block-heel pumps in orange from Macy’s.

Closing Thoughts

Adding even just a few feminine pieces to your closet can elevate your wardrobe. Finding something that you’re excited to wear, whether that be shoes, a skirt, or a coat, is the first step in moving from your leggings and sweater combos to something with slightly more finesse. Choose something that reflects your style and get ready to enjoy your effortless look!

Abby Roth is the creator of Classically Abby, an opera, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brand dedicated to looking at the world from a classic perspective. Abby is an opera singer with three degrees in operatic performance from USC and Manhattan School of Music. She has performed all over at companies including Opera Omaha, Opera Maine, and Aspen Music Festival. You can find her website at and follow her on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @ClassicallyAbby.