26 Million People In Shanghai Are Trapped In Their Homes Amidst The Harshest Covid Lockdown The World Has Ever Seen

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Shanghai 26 million covid lockdown

Just when you thought coronavirus lockdowns were starting to ease up, China is proving that things aren't slowing down anytime soon.

Shanghai is China's largest city and a major financial hub in East Asia. There are roughly 26 million people living there, and they're all currently locked down as the country takes unnecessarily harsh measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading. On April 8, 21,000 positive coronavirus cases were recorded as officials are requiring everyone to get tested.

26 Million People Are Locked Down in Shanghai with No Access to Food and Water

It's no exaggeration to say that this is the harshest coronavirus lockdown we have ever seen across the globe. Chinese authorities have forced 26 million people to stay in their homes for the last two weeks, sending drones to fly around the apartment buildings with threatening messages that say they will be fined if they even attempt to leave their home. In many cases, front doors to residential buildings are being welded shut, locked, or taped shut with a notice from the government saying, "Please refrain from leaving home or being visited under home quarantine. Join forces in solidarity to overcome adversity."

Because nobody is allowed to leave their home, of course there are no delivery workers on the street, which means nobody can get food or water delivered to their home. There are videos being shared online that show hundreds of people sticking their heads out of their apartment windows and howling into the night sky.

One anonymous journalist shared, "There are much, much more cases than at the peak in Wuhan [Editor’s note: during the initial outbreak in 2020]. This is extreme in terms of numbers, but actually, the cases are mainly Omicron. So the gravity of the situation isn’t that bad, but the government wasn’t sure how far it was going to go. They are still abiding by the Zero-Covid policy. They are using a 2020 method for the 2022 virus. And the situation that they’re putting people into is quite serious."

She also said that "there is almost no food supply anymore online" and "they are going to starve to death." People have been trying their best to find food, but many people (including and especially the elderly) are begging their neighbors for a little rice to make it through the day.

In some cases, the local government is handing out small portions of food, such as noodles, milk, and rice.

Those who test positive for coronavirus are carted off to quarantine camps against their will, even if they show no symptoms of the virus whatsoever. Some people are even jumping off their balconies to their death because they can't handle the starvation and isolation (this is very similar to what we saw in the 2020 lockdowns). In one case, a couple fell to their death together because the husband was apparently distraught over the loss of his business.

People who do attempt to leave their home in search of food are in danger of being caught by "Big Whites," who are part of the security forces that patrol the streets day and night to arrest and incarcerate people who violate the quarantine rules. The whole world is watching this injustice unfold in horror and dismay.

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