15-Year-Old Student Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Over His Vaccination Status And Told To Kill Himself

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Nate Bronstein

It feels like there is no end to the negative effects that coronavirus has had on our society, and not even because of the virus itself but rather the policies and reactions to the virus.

We have seen an enormous uptick in suicide, mental illness, and unemployment since coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions were put into place. Young adults and teenagers have been hit especially hard by the cosmic shift in culture that we've seen. There has been a spike in depression and anxiety among school goers, as well as an increase in bullying. 15-year-old Nate Bronstein was the latest victim of bullying who sadly ended his life after months of being harassed.

Nate Bronstein Committed Suicide After Being Bullied Over His Vaccination Status

In January, Robert Bronstein found his 15-year-old son hanging from a noose in the shower at their family home in Chicago. Nate was only in the 10th grade, and he attended the Latin School of Chicago, a prestigious school whose alumni include Nancy Reagan. Allegedly, Nate was being severely bullied by his peers at school, who were harassing him about his vaccination status of all things. It turns out Nate had actually been vaccinated, and yet the students continued their endless mockery partly through group text messages.

The harassment got so bad that Nate's parents reached out to the family of the student who was responsible for spreading the rumor that Nate was unvaccinated. But that rumor was just the beginning. Yet another student told Nate to kill himself in mid-December on Snapchat, and a teacher in class even had the audacity to tell Nate that he was going "nowhere in life," according to the lawsuit that the Bronsteins have filed against the Latin School of Chicago.

The lawsuit claims that the school committed "willful failure" to stop the dangerous bullying that Nate was experiencing, and even the parents of the student who started the rumor about Nate being unvaccinated are named in the lawsuit.

Robert and Rosellene Bronstein recently sat down with CBS Chicago to discuss the devastating death of their son, saying "our son would still be alive today" if the school and the dean had "done their job" and told them that Nate was being bullied.

To say this is heartbreaking doesn't even begin to paint the picture. It's horrific to think that the coronavirus vaccine could lead to such severe bullying.

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