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10 Ways To Celebrate The Fourth Of July In Style

By Lauren Colvin·· 1 min read

10 Ways To Celebrate The Fourth Of July In Style

Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays because it’s the perfect excuse to get all dressed up!  Whether you’re celebrating at home or getting outside for a day in the sun, there are so many ways to show off your patriotic spirit. From stars to stripes and red, white, and blue, I’m going to take you through a few ways to incorporate 2020 trends into your perfect Fourth of July look!

tie dye


One of my favorite trends this summer has been tie-dye! What better way to show off your patriotic spirit than with a red, white, and blue swirl? This is the perfect trend for a casual day with the family, Facetime with friends, or hitting the park for a picnic!

graphic sweatshirt

Graphic Sweatshirt

Play it cool and simple this Fourth of July with a sweatshirt repping our American Flag! There are so many cute knits and sweaters that show off your USA pride while still keeping you comfy and casual. Plus, you can wear this style again and again!

hair scarf

Hair Scarf

If you want to keep it subtle and simple, then a red, white, and blue hair scarf is the perfect accessory to take your outfit from everyday to Fourth of July festive! Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and a white top, and you’re set!

bucket hat

Bucket Hat

If you’ll be spending a day in the sun celebrating the Fourth, a bucket hat is what you need! They can be dressed up or down and will definitely keep you looking cool and fashion-forward! Find a bucket hat in red, white, or blue to pair with your favorite outfit!



Fourth of July is the perfect excuse to pull out any statement pieces in your closet that showcase starry prints! This has been such a trend in the past year, and so whimsical and fun!

striped pants


Stripes are always a classic and most likely something you already own in your closet. Pull out your favorite striped tee or get a little funky with some striped pants! Simple, cute, and definitely Fourth of July themed.

high waisted bikini

High-Waisted Bikini

If you’re planning to be poolside this Fourth of July, then this is the perfect time to break out a high-waisted bikini bottom. Such a trending style for swimwear in 2020, and so comfy for a full day of celebrating! Find your perfect suit in a festive color or print, and you’ll be ready to go.

tie front top

Tie Front Top

If you want more of a chic look, then this is the trend for you. Tie front tops are so in, and you may already have one in your closet! Take any button up top, and tie it at your waist for a fresh summer look ready for the Fourth.

monochromatic set

Monochromatic Set

This is the perfect trend that has been so HOT during quarantine. If you’re celebrating at home, you can still be festive with a matching set! Perfect for the holiday and for every day of the week after!



Finally, a classic that never goes out of style…overalls! These are the perfect summer staple and great for any Fourth of July plans. I love overalls because they’re a put together and trendy outfit in seconds! Wear a red, white, or blue top underneath, and everyone will know you’re ready to party.

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